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    Since your adding vanity skins for bombs in bomber royale would you guys ever consider adding more vanity skins for other parts of the game such as damage number reskins?

    Will the shadow tower boss rooms ever get a revamp? There's 4 out of the 6 boss rooms that are just completely identical and I think it would make the fights a lot more interesting if they had there own themed boss rooms like hydra and daughter's room.
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    Will we get new club hero's for u10 as most current quests are trove only.

    Why no new fixtures? We worked hard on our clubs in expectation of rewarding returns going forward.

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    Since we will get upcoming gems from Empowered Gem Boxes, can you take out Class Gems and Fragments from it and maybe let us farm Class Gem keys via fragments or something?

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    Is there any possibility to craft already 'discovered' companions?
    In case you need to loot collect uncommon or rare ones to avoid using space in your inventory.

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    What will happen with the Special stated Shadow Item Sold from the Club Merchant?
    When Crystal Gear will come out, those Special item will be worthless than the Mastery point.

    I am using the special stated Face from Club Merchant, with the Crystal Gear coming out i will no longer be able to get my hand on the same stats unless an update for those as well.

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    1) Does U10 dungeon give crystal?

    2) Does cornerstone, /respawn and /getworldid are not available on U10 biomes like geode cave?

    3) Does shadow gem box give new type gems after U10 update?

    4) When will you give pinata EX a loot value?

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    Will stellar souls get a new sink in u10? They're sitting at an all time low.

    Any sneak peaks of the new dragons??

    Did the drop rate of crystal pins from crystal caches get nerf? I use to be able to get 5 if not 10 every 100 caches but now it seems to be 5 if I'm lucky every 300!! That can't be bad rng

    You spoke about this before briefly but any plans for a prime world npc's for the rally of heroes? Hope's an dreams of this being added!

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    Gameplay-wise, will U10 be noticeably different from U9/U8 on Geode's surface, or will it just be an increase to stats and rewards?
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    Geode Surface Questions

    Will our hats/faces also be Crystal and will Crystal Gear have the same stats as our current stellars? (Move speed in particular)

    Will Crystals (geode caves ones) drop from Geode Surface? It'd be nice to alternate between Trove style combat and Geode Caves style gameplay by linking their resources.

    Will a 26k+ player breeze through U10? Are the armour/penetration stats a way to prevent this?

    Will Armour/Penetration apply to old content or is it a Geode Surface mechanic only?

    It was mentioned last stream that new content is designed so that players can't stockpile items to instantly finish it. With that in mind, will our current augment focii and gem boosters apply to the new gems?

    Gardening Questions

    Is there a limit to how many Tome Plants we can grow?

    If I plant a Tome Plant in a club will other club members be able to take them?

    Will gardening have a dragon and other mastery items associated with it?

    Do the allies that visit gardens in clubs grant mastery? monkaS

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    What clovers would do in u10 update?

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