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    Trove Q & A Thread - October 12th

    I'd figure I'd give Fasti a bit of some help.

    1. With the previous livestream we can reclaim pearl of wisdom from Stellar gear. Does that also include any pearls on other rarities?
    Example would be a Radiant level hat with 1 pearl would we get 1 pearl if we loot collect it?

    2. Will Insta-grow work on the new gardening profession or is it only limited to current content?

    3. How many new gem slots will we get with U10?

    4. Scaly dragon scales dropped from Forbidden Spires are set to get in increase to affect dragon day. Will that change also reduce the flux amount when loot collecting them?

    5. U10 now set for Winter release. Will there be any other "Major" update this year or will 2018 only have 3 "Major" updates?

    6. What's the plan for Early 2019? (First 3 months)

    7. Will Console players actually get "Mods" to use like they do on PC?

    8. Are we still getting the ability to accept club requests from the club tab instead of having to keep going into our club world?

    9. What's the status of Starfire fragment drop rate? Will these be fixed in the October Update or when U10 comes out?

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    Will the 5 star dungeons be exlusive for the Geode surface or will we see them (maybe in the next updates) in other ubers as well?

    With the possibility of having 5 stats on a single piece of gear, does it mean that rerolling the stats in the Chaos forge will be more difficult (rerolling 3 stats at once, or even 4 with the 2nd stat reroll event), or are there any changes planned for that?

    What will happen with the Bomber Royale season 1 rewards, will the be completly gone from the store or will we still be able to buy them with alongside with the season 2 rewards?

    About the Crystal gear - is there any new timegated resource (like Despoiled Divinity) that's essential for crafting/upgrading the gear?

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    Hi devs, I have a few questions:

    1-So, is the Crystal Gear going to be craftable or will it obtainable in a similar way like we do with the Class Gems?

    2-Is Crystal gear going to be able to Level Up as usual or is it going be like with Rings.

    3-Would you implement 'Mega Crystal Tanks' or tab on the inventory to reduce space on the Geode inventory?

    4-Since we are going to have an updated gardening system (that sounds pretty good so far), would it be a possibility of having a Breeding mechanic too? It would be cute to see creatures running around the clubs(similar to the ones that spawn in the hub for example) and also to harvest resources from them.

    5-Are you planing to add an Anti-cheat/3rd program system?
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    Who designed the mushrooms ? because those are cool, GG.

    Also, will U10 give better gem tier for the new gem slots ? (like stellar tier gems being U9 only, therefore, "Crystal tier" gem in U10.)
    Praise the sunflower !

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    Heya, folks! Just dropping into the thread to make sure it shows up in the dev tracker.

    @TJ13 I moved the thread to the PS4 and Xbox One general discussion threads and then back here with redirects, to make sure every platform sees the thread and can add questions for us.


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    1. Can crystal gear drop? If not what will magic find be useful for?

    2. Does crystal gear have 4 or 5 stats?

    3. How will the new stat work? (armor penetration)

    4. Can we get damage test Dummies? Like you have in the game Rift

    5. Will Insta-Grower work with everything new coming from Gardening?

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    Can we get any assurance that the Gardening tome-plants won't be as easily ignored by the playerbase like the [6/7] Geode Materials Legendary Tomes were?
    Those geode tomes were nerfed into the ground and buried at the end of PTS and haven't been adjusted since, 104 days later (today, on Live), after many pleas by the community

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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    1. Is it intentional that bubble dragon fragments only come from water? It's a bummer to be stuck in one liquid for all 10,000 or more fish required for the dragon.

    2. Will pack exclusives (such as the extra life costumes) ever be available for free players, perhaps through Luxion or credits?

    also, *cough* starfire dragon fragments are drastically rarer than every other fragment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugoi View Post
    2. Will pack exclusives (such as the extra life costumes) ever be available for free players, perhaps through Luxion or credits?
    Will Luxion make items available from money-only packs like Mega Menagerie, Double Dragon, or any others over a year old?
    Most likely not, we generally don’t make pieces of packs available individually, since that creates confusion if a player has part of the pack and then buys the pack.
    content from former extralife packs won't be offered for credit*, or offered on luxion, even if it's over a year old.* (Double Dragon/M.Menagerie).

    *this was a prior question of mine, can't track down the reponse to quote it but luxion was my follow up question.

    Can we expect the Double Dragon pack to be available via credits soon?
    Unlikely to be converted to credits, don't want to say never but not all packs will change over to credits. Its unlikely this one will.

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