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Thread: [FenixWorlds] [Recruiting] [Needing People]

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    Oct 2018

    [FenixWorlds] [Recruiting] [Needing People]

    I'm the creator of the club "FenixWorlds".
    I'm recruiting people to my clan and there we can grow and be even stronger!
    Please enter on our clan, but if you dont want to do, say to your friend!

    To enter add to your friends "VeyronBoss" and send a message, or search directly for "FenixWorlds"

    We are waiting for you!
    Good Journey

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    Oct 2018
    I need join club
    IGG: ChoSus
    Class : Dino tamer
    Power rank : 2810
    Mastery rank : 125

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    I still need to join a club. Do you mind if I join yours please?
    Class: Gunslinger
    Power Rank: 1392
    Mastery: 47

    -Oof nevermind, I've gotten into a club. Sorry if this post was misleading. :/

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