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Thread: Crystal Gear

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    Crystal Gear

    Me : Oh wow, look.

    That one kid in forums : What is it?

    Me : Another way to make veteran players rich.

    That one kid in forums : What about the new players?

    Me : Let them have fun trying to get that new gear, it will probably cost 50k if tradeable.

    Trove In a Nutshell -

    *Post comments below about what you think about the new crystal gear update.

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    I think its awsome There will be Disapointments Indeeeeed no doubt about it ./.
    Il be Friggin disapointed if its 50k a gear i hope its 250k and stays that way !
    Ive farmed 100k flux an hour trough my lvl 10/20 Addicted to mining with bombs

    Stellar gear is now 5k ea .. People who spend 500€ plus on this thing with nice soothing noises L:a la laaa la la laaaa
    That calms the nerves after losing the 1 who gave birth to you like there picking off of corpses Feel bad feel noob feel weak

    Let there Be crystal And let it be good ! Let it be Expensive in a way it should ! Not trough friggin Store 50€ !! not k ea gear O,0

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    But crystal gear is only 10 flux and can't be farmed. And you can get it at Uber 8 so how do you plan to get rich?

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    I'm so glad it will be attainable for lower levels, though is the way of obtaining it known yet, or will we have to wait till release?

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