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    Quote Originally Posted by MJAussie360 View Post
    Maintenance on Gem Day. You know, only one of the most active days in the game.
    Seems like the typical "screw you players" we are used to.
    Lol. I agree with you. They could have done it yesterday. The least active day...


    LOL "Timegated by maintenance"

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    It's only gem day, one of the most important bonuses of the week.. 4 hours downtime, pfft who aes if you have limited playtime during the middle of the week...you can wait til next week you upgrade your gems.

    Timegated by maintenance

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    Would be nice if Trion would make a special server for when a specific server (like PC/Mac and Console) is offline for an hour or more so we could still play in-game; even if that information isn't sent to the live version...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xx_DatBoi_xX View Post
    İs PTS servers going to be open after the maintenance?

    i realy want to know
    They have been saying PTS will go back online at the end of this month

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    Oh great!! I lost the chance to buy credits with the 2x event! The only 2 times i had to play on this freaking october 3 was 1 - while the server was offline (why did you guys didn't do it on oct 2????)and 2 - just now...when the event just gone! I just got the money, and when i go for it, it's over!!! was going to throw 200 bucks there ....damn.

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