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Thread: Idea on soulsink, new gem augments!

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    Exclamation Idea on soulsink, new gem augments!

    now all players got their items from the light and dark chaos vaults. the souls are beginning to drop in value and so are the items. (radiant and stellar gear)

    my idea was to make new gem augments that make better boosts than current ones, making high power rank maybe better accesible?

    we currently have the following gem augments.

    - Rough (gives 1%)
    - Precise (gives 2-3%)
    - Superior (gives 5-7%) (also very expensive due to diamond dragonite needed.

    we have penta, radiant and stellar souls that could be used in new gem augments so there is a permanent sink for these. not that the new items have to be better but to make high pr less of a grind. (especially for u10 u will need higher pr)

    here is an idea for the new version of augments

    - Rough
    - New gemaugment including pentasouls (this one has stats of the old precise
    - Precise (this one gets significant buff)
    - New gem augment (this one uses radiant souls, or a combination of different souls, higher upgrade value than the new precise
    - New gem augment ( this one uses stellar souls, or a combination of different souls in higher amounts.)
    - Superior (same as always, but this one grants a better buff than all other ones, like 10-15%)

    and a new reroll type. we have the contained chaos spark that rerolls stats, but we all hate that the buffs at level 5, 10, 15 and 20 can become wrong buffs!

    introducing the upgrade spark! this one can be made out of the most expensive items ingame and items that have the least usage.

    items that can be used are
    - shadow shards (only used to craft st caches)
    - heart of darkness (seriously i have a ton idk what to do with it except rough focus)
    - lunar souls
    - despolied divinity (we only use them for vaults, 3 dragons and a bunch of costumes)
    - maybe golden or somber souls?

    these things are just ideas, but it might save the soul market as stellars are worthless now. people lootcollect them earlier than reselling them to players.

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    I enjoy this idea its pretty cool I guess. But they probably won't do it because it is such a huge update

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    This won't happen and trove was meant to be a grindy game so people keep playing it. If you take away the grind trove is nothing there wouldn't be any feeling of accomplishment.

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