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Thread: Speed Run DOTM, 750k???

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    Speed Run DOTM, 750k???

    Yo guys!

    Can anyone tell me what 750k means when someone is searching for more to SR DOTM?

    Cant be MD i guess? And what stats do i need to hit that requirement? Im 25430pr GS atm and at 260k MD / 1600% CD / >100CD / 237% AS

    Thanks in advance!

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    your Ulti Skill Damage with Gunslinger ( i think it was L1 ) . If they search for 750k it means they search Gunslingers which hit 750.000 Damage on Ultra ( with 3 GS 0 % Damage buff + Pot Damage Buff no Sub Class Proc) i dont play anymore but i can say your Stats are way too low for 750000 :> . I had 26200~ Pr around 280k MD and 1750~ CD and i had 758000

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