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    1.) Will Bomber Royale finally have the PvP level attached to it?

    2.) Any chance of a Shadow Hunter buff in the Shadow Tower?

    3.) Will lustrous boxes or gem augments ever have the ability to be bought with either credits or real world currency?

    4.) Mouse and Keyboard support is dropping for Xbox within the next few weeks. Will we see the ability to utilize such feature while playing Xbox?

    5.) Will Trove ever have the "play anywhere" functionality to allow me to play on Windows 10 and Xbox One since they would both be UWP formatted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronozilla View Post
    The moonsilver dragon requires despoiled divinity, chaos sparks require lunar souls.
    the new chaos dragon requires despoiled too

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    Pts server, this is limited to PC players and consoles are now 2 years into the mix.
    Why can't consol players get a genaric middle of the road charachter to log into the pts to test the updates out.

    It's cant be that hard on the back end to copy and paste a few thousand accounts and apply a random name and password genarater then email out the accounts to anyone who requests one.

    Why don't you guys do this for your consol customers?

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    Will yabaki ever be usable in geode?

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    1. Why clubs with the same people are in the top of the clubs power rank leaderbord? Make PR count only in primary club. Also make to count only the strongest class. Without this, it is difficult to track the real Club PR.

    2. Why did you stop the Trove translation on Crowdin?

    3. When do you fix "endnless" gas bug?

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    Geode Caves/Surface Questions

    1: Will Geode Caves materials be available on Geode Surface?

    2: Will Geode Caves receive "catch up" mechanics after U10 comes out?

    3: Will patron or daily bonuses ever apply to Geode Caves? Will patron apply to Geode Surface?

    4: WIll higher tiers of Geode Caves ever give out more crystals than the lower tiers?

    5: Will mining speed ever be buffed on Geode Caves?

    6: Will a crystal granting tome ever be developed?

    7: Will Luxion ever sell Metamatter similar to how he sells Despoiled Divinity?

    Equipment/Gem/Crystal Gear Questions

    1: If new Empowered Gem abilities are released will we be able to reroll our current maxed out Emp gems into new abilities?

    2: Will the armour penetration stat interfere with the typical 15dmg/12cdmg "endgame" build players use? Basically, will we have to replace stats on our current gems to get enough "penetration" to perform well on Geode?

    3: Can we get clarification if our Stellar Gems will be upgradeable to the new Crystal tier or if crystal gems will be an entirely different page on the character sheet? Earlier in the year we were reassured that our old stellar gems/gear would be grandfathered into whatever new system U10 would bring but with the Crystal Weapon news a lot of us are getting nervous over our fully augmented gems.

    4: Will there be crystal hats/faces/rings or is it only the weapon?

    Bonus Questions

    1: Will there ever be a Faerie Dust tome?

    2: Will old Arena Coins ever gain a conversion recipe to turn them into Bomber Royale coins?

    3: Will there be a Hearty Party Pack #2 and if so will it be discounted for purchasers of pack #1?

    4: Will there ever be movement speed on a dragon?

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    Post Bomber Royale

    1.- Since new content for Bomber Royale is being added, can we expect a double/triple coin day?

    2.- can Crystal gear be upgraded & add pearls?
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    Ah yeah i forgot a question, can you give us a way to change the song of a world in a club ?

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    Red face Dev Questions

    +Any plans to make rare items dropped from the chaos chest tradable again?

    +Can we get a system where it become more and more difficult to acquire the same rare item from karma bar?

    +Is there any way that ps4/xbox players could get a console test server?

    +Could we have augments changed to give a smaller but set amount of percentage to gems and are there any plans to reduce how much gem dust the Precise focus uses?

    +Will the u10 geode surface drop crystals or very rarely metamatter, from objective completions?

    +Could we have a hawaiian themed dragon? extra pineapples

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    1. Will the Bomber Royale shop be updated to accommodate a new currency or will the current Bomber Royale Coin be used for the new rewards as well?

    2. What will happen with current content related to Jade Clovers (i.e., Jade Clover Journal/box loot/leaderboard rewards)?

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