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    Will you please have a trove dev or admin respond to the bug reports we make in the bug report forum. It leaves a rather empty feeling to report a real issue like being stuck at 4 clubs and having the thread fade into obscurity. It appears no one really cares about these reports.

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    1. Is it intentional that bubble dragon fragments only come from water? It's a bummer to be stuck in one liquid for all 10,000 or more fish required for the dragon.

    2. Will pack exclusives (such as the extra life costumes) ever be available for free players, perhaps through Luxion?

    3. PLEASE reconsider starfire dragon fragment drop rates, even the most dedicated players in my club are not half way to the dragon yet.

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    With the garden update will the insta growers have any effect on the new plants that give resource materials? (The ones that give resources every few days)

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    Elemental worlds

    Are there any plans to increasy the amount of biomes in the elemental worlds?
    For example: Neon city in the air world with the idea of being a floating mechanical city, or jurassic biome in the water world as a reference to Jurassic Park.

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    Hello Team

    My questions are...

    1: Can you please use a pack or another item for promo, rather then a rare/unobtainable mount. All mounts like Yabaki do is cause discord in the community, and upset yoru playerbase.

    2: Can Yabaki please be released in some form. I do not mind it being a paid mount for a time, or extremely timegated.

    3: Can you please not hold contests like the one you did for Yabaki, as these are unfair with the number of alts and bot players. There are many other great ways to hold contests, even if you want to avoid direct competition. Like having a very hard limited time questline that came once every 3 months, that could be completed but is unlikely more than a couple actually would. Keeping the mount rare, yet giving everyone with the dedication a chance to get it. I would be fine with anything that isn't so random, and plagued by so many issues as the last one.

    4: Geode is filled with bots most of the week, you can tell bots becuase the cheap ones most use only collect one item and leave the rest...they also do not fly around like other players..or have any consideration since they are bots. With a big geode update, is there any plans to combat these bots. As not only do they hurt player productivity, you know they are farming for gold flux selling websites so hurt the company as well.

    5: Is it intended that Bomber Royal = leveling, Geode = flux making, and Adventure = farming materials? And is the reason geode is not part of the weekly bonus system to help keep geode resources price up?

    6: Crystals are not tradable, yet crystal pinatas are. 1 pinata sells for 8k on the market. For those who don't want to loot collect items to crystals, this is the best way to get a large amount if you need them fast. They are also pretty much guaranteed with every pinata break, while actually crystals are not tradable. Is this intended? Since pinatas are a fairly common drop from lesser crystal caches, and there is never a shortage,it makes not being able to trade crystals alone seem silly.

    7: Since I been playing people have told me to use mods, and i have since they are allowed. My issue is that most of these mods would not be allowed on any other game. I have mods that tell me where everything is, i do not need to search for that resource i mods send a big signal up t the sky. YouTubers and everyone uses these mods, which are akin to Minecrafts xray mod that allows players to find ore.

    Now while i do not hate that this makes finding things easier, I do recognize that many are not allowed to download mods, or lack the technical know how to do so. Many who play the game are children with strict parents. So who can sue these mods are limited to those who have full control of their computers and the know how to use them. Giving people like me an unfair advantage over others who can't..or don't know they exist.

    Is there any plan to either limit what mods can be used, or maybe add a mod selection feature t the people can add mods right from launcher or main can already enable or disable maybe let us browse and download as well. This would give everyone a fair chance to use these mods, since they would be right there easy to use and peoples parents wouldn't question the safety if they were downloadable ingame.

    If mods like this are already a nono, then making that know should be a priority, since they are promoted by players, YouTubers and other endorsing your game as if they are fully acceptable. As they are kind of unfair, if i can see where all the meteors are and want to be a bad person..i can race people and grab them all before they even find them. And since the market is competitive, many do try not to share, and go out of their way to ensure you don't get any.

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    My friend wants a bouncing poop mount that leaves a brown splat and flies when it bounces, would you consider making it? She is watching the stream and she wants to know.

    I have a friend who likes doughnuts way too much and I’m wondering if you would make a doughnut mag rider.

    Another friend asks if you could change the chloromancer’s healing from health based healing to attack damage based healing.

    Will the new gems count in shadow towers?

    Will you fix the issue of spawning on top of a shadow tower?

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    When is Trove 2 coming out?

    Will Trove be moving completely to a new engine like unreal engine 4?

    What will be the power rank requirement for uber 10?

    Will there be uber 11 and uber 12?

    Can we finally get more fish, acid fishing, cave milk fishing and just extra fishes for every biome?

    Will store costumes go on discount this year?

    Are we going to need pearls for the new gear?

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    Closing up this thread tomorrow morning, so get your questions in for the team now!

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    In the livestream on the 14th September you talked about fixing the issue with Revenant, Ice Sage and Shadow Hunter in Speedruns by disabling the ability for pinatas to give dmg buffs. Even tho this is good to hear it will not fix the Revenant abuse as he works with a macro to spam the 1 ability.
    So the Question is:

    "What will the changes to Revenant be in order to reduce his absurd amount of damage by spamming the 1 ability?"

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    Question about the new gem , do we have to stop augmenting the stealer gem for now since we will get new tier of gem with U10 and save them for the new gem when it is release with U10

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