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    Trove Q & A Thread - October 5

    Happy Monday, Trovians!

    Get your questions in for the dev team now and we'll answer as many as possible on Friday's livestream.

    Be sure to join us at 12:30 PDT (7:30 PM UTC) on October 5 on our Twitch channel.

    We'll see you there!

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    No BR,Geode cave,Gardening or U10 fixtures.
    Running a club is a lot of work with 0 reward outside of peer recognition.
    The club update made running a club almost as time consuming as a part time job.
    The social aspect of clubs is why trove is still a active game, bad content being released has allowed trove to keep going based on the success of clubs. Not involving clubs in every update is a huge error.

    My question is who at Trion is responsible for clubs? Presidents continue to run your community, you give 0 info and have given us nothing new to work on for our clubs.Why?

    The gardening tease was awesome, in clubs we have very few options on setting zones, to go with the new gardening it would be great if we could /zonerestrict "playerName". This way we can set up gardening areas in our club world for our members.
    No the current setting will not work, if gardening works the way it is being sold players could have millions worth of flux in plants on the go.

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    Will we get Crystal Ring later after U10 in the future?

    We need clarification Will our Stellar gears will be total garbage when U10 & Crystal Gear Come out? You said we will not be able to upgrade our Stellar. But maybe we could fusion the Low Crystal Gear we crafted with our Stellar to give the pearls of the stellar on the Crystal Gear?
    Like in Minecraft you can forge together 2 gear to make one with better stats <-(Or this could be a suggestion if not the plans)

    The damage deal is caped at 99,999,999 Damages right now. With the U10 Update, will we see this being augmented? Right now, many class can already achieve the max dmgs without Flask.

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    More info on crystal gear? We're quite anxious about this because you mentioned the disconnect between our current progression and what U10 brings. (eg, not being able to take our heavily invested-in stellar items to the crystal tier) Hopefully this could get looked at.
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    1) Do you have a plan to sale class packs such as Flower Power Pack, Lunacy Pack…etc. If yes, then when?
    2) We had costume pack sale a few of weeks ago. When will you have individual costume sale that the previous costume pack sale did not include?

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    Will the new gem type be obtainable from Empowered Gem Boxes that are purchased with Lunar Souls after the update?

    Any plans to rebalance the club quest to allow smaller clubs to get access to the better quests? As of now it is a rich get richer situation and the poor are left to suffer or just join one of the large clubs.

    Will U10 basically just be a restart for players like Geode was in that nothing we do beforehand carries over and it's basically a new game? The only difference would be the barrier of entry but when we enter, we have to start all over again.

    Any updates on Starfire Fragment drop rates?

    Any updates on PVP XP counting in Bomber Royale?

    When will the rest of the classes get Resistors Costumes or is the Heroes update completely forgotten about at this point?

    What is actually included in the October update and is there a planned release date?

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    Can you give us the possibility to set npcs in club ? To make club alive (like the hub of geode)

    Can you show us a donjon 5 stars ? It is a normal dungeon but more difficult with a boss like rampage ?

    Can we have a builder class ? A class with the ability to fly only in club world.

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    Will the two new PvP dragons eggs be trade-able and effigy?.

    Will the Power Plower tractor from blocky bonus be compatible with the gardening update?

    Will there be a new crafting bench for the crystal gear or updated bench we already use?

    New dust tome for U10 (geode)updates?

    Clarification on crystal gear?,
    IF separate sets gears i.e One for regular game 1 for geode any thoughts on adding a load-out tab for both sets of gear that we could switch load-outs to the one needed at the time.
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    1. Can we have a /dab emote so that vanguard isn't the only class cursed with dabbing?

    2. Will you ever increase the total number of clubs we can join? We've only ever had 5 club slots and many players need multiple clubs for building projects, storage, etc. It limits how active we can be within smaller communities and makes it hard to pick and choose which of your friend's clubs you can be in.

    3. Do you have any order planned for which classes will be reworked first, or is it still up in the air until after tomb raiser is finished?

    4. Will there ever be a binding darkness tome, preferably a lesser tome that only gives 1 so that it's easier to farm?

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    Why you get 400 Flux for Blue Dragonscale and only 20 Flux for Spinner Dragon Egg Frag when they have the "same" droprate

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