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Thread: We don't have full details yet etc etc.

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    We don't have full details yet etc etc.

    1. Things are not even named?
    2. We have not finished that yet?
    3. We are not sure which direction we are going yet?
    4. That won't be ready for u10...

    Is U10 really not 100% complete and trion is doing neat or new cool add ons now?
    How are we still working on names,concepts and fuctions at this point on development.

    Do the dev understand if u10 flops trove is done.
    This past year has been a pretty crappy year as far as fun Game playing being added.

    Heroes is a huge flop
    Geode is a huge flop
    Club update has been abandoned
    ST has been abandoned
    U1-U9 become old game play...

    U10 is trove going forward. It really saddens me the more I learn about U10s lack of development at this point... I feel it should be done and being fine tuned not in the state the live stream and forum leeks are presenting it to date.

    I fear we are not going to get what we expect.

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    Honestly I don't know why trove is still rated "mostly positive" on steam. Different opinions carry you so far, but there are blatant flaws like crashing and performance as well as poor design choices that simply should not be able to overlooked. You have listed a number of modules that haven't came out well, but if the game can continue to run with all of the glaring issues, then I'm not entirely convinced objective outlooks on a game hold much relativity towards a game's ability to continue to run.

    There also seems to be an underdog kind of factor where if a company is seen as less popular, they seem to be able to get away with a lot more, while more popular companies get a lot more hate for just existing. Logically it'd make sense that a game that crashes easily and gives terrible performance in populated worlds as well as never ending bugs that sometimes get worse with fixes would have repercussions, particularly with the flux dupe that has meant that even a 50% credit sale has pouches worth more than pre dupe, that doesn't seem to be the case though.

    Though I will say one thing really baffles me. They say more people now work on the trove team, but patches are less and less common. To some extent that will be to nerf PC players to meet up with console patching, but it's gotten worse. Something that was originally promised to be for higher quality patches which of course we know was absolutely not the case.

    All in all, my expectations are low and I don't expect that even if u10 disappoints, it will suddenly be the end of trove.

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    I agree to what has been said in this thread. If U10 flops, Trove's a goner. Which will be by far not the first game Trion has killed, by the way.
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    1st things 1st I don't think Heroes was a flop. It added some great potential to the game, which the devs have since moved on from. And this here is the biggest problem at the moment. They insert some great concepts into the game and then just drop them to focus on more new content.

    When the club expansion came out people were, for the most part, happy...but what happened to Club Fixtures? Didn't you say more were on the way, yet all we get is 1 with heroes. What happened to prestige level clubs?

    Then along came Heroes and everyone loved the idea of the gigastormers..we were told that the Ice biome would probably get the same treatment...erm what happened to that?

    Then they dropped Geode on us, which they hinted at about a year a go, and that went down like a ton of Hydra poop.

    For good or for bad we accepted Geode and we started to speculate about how the caves would factor into U10..will we be able to use our rocket boots on Geode surface, cuz how cool would that be? Will the new cave materials be needed to craft funky new U10 stuff? And what did we find out in the end? Nope, everything to do with Geode caves is useless in U10. Made the grind feel like a slap in the face.

    And what Happened to "U10+"? What happened to the new wave of Primordial Dragons (note the plural they used) ? What happened to mixing up combat with U10?

    Why do you keep hinting at these ideas that get the community excited only to stick them on the back burner where they never seem to get done or drop them completely.

    Here's an idea for you Devs. Once U10 phase 3 is out PLEASE for the love of Trove just stop and revisit all the old content like fixtures, sub biomes, gigastormers, the Shadow Tower etc and flesh them out more. Make them more relevant to end gamers and give NEW players some breathing space to catch up. Build on the concepts the community tells you WORKS. Add an endless ST mode with waves and waves of harder mods with increasing loot...why? Because it would be fun, it would give end gamers something interesting to do instead of seeing how quickly they can kill/cheese Ult DotM or Undertow, if that's gonna be the new thing.

    I think there's a real issue here that the community doesn't feel Trion are really listening any more. It shouldn't take us asking for the same thing over and over for months and months for you guys to sit up and listen.

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