I was thinking to myself, and decided that we should have a sort of monthly event, of which competitors build the best cornerstones they can imagine, either pre-made to show off, or made in the week. (Store Cornerstones such as the Shadow and Radiant Watchtowers will not be permitted entry into the competition.)
The idea is rather unconventional and not fully thought out, but it is just something to recognize and commemorate creative and impressive builders on their work.

Like a Fashion contest, other players would have to vote on their favorites and slowly but surely narrow down the competition into a set of 5 finalists.

Rewards could be as follows(Dis-including Leaderboard Reward Caches) :
1st is Rewarded 60,000 Flux, a Bright Green font (Called "The Master Builder"), 3 Golden Chaos Chests and a unique mount named "Examplename, The Architect".
2nd, 50,000 Flux, 2 Golden Chaos Chests and 10 Chaos Chests.
3rd, 40,000, 1 Golden Chaos Chest and 8 Chaos Chests.
4th, 30,000, and 8 Chaos Chests.
5th, 20,000 and 5 Chaos Chests.
Top 10%, 10,000 and 3 Chaos Chests

Just another of my random thoughts.