The idea I had in mind could be perfect for Trove. I call it "Revenge of the Everdark!".
The Legion of the Everdark have grown restless, tired of adventurous and mischievous Trovians, raiding their Vaults and constantly bullying their people for the sake of good Loot. And so a Dark and powerful Lord/Lady has unified the Everdark, creating a huge spiraling rift called The Maelstrom in space of which becomes visible at Night.

Everdark sail ships, dragons and machines, fly through the void and pass down into the fractured lands, creating rifts to summon reinforcements as they attempt to control all of the Universe, these rifts would become visible on the map and compass as a special dungeon, and the area around it would begin to turn into land similar to the Shores of the Everdark, corrupted in a way.

Raiding an Everdark Vault could even make the legions track you and attempt to defeat you when you least expect it, much like a Fallen Knight, dropping from tiny rifts which materialize from thin air.
This could also add a different variant of Rampage Events, of which dark commanders seek to conquer.

The Main Rift or Maelstrom as I call it, could then be an accessible area, and have it's own sort of selection of worlds, from the Outer Rim, spiraling into the Heart of Chaos, of which the spawn location could be a starship that had sneaked its way behind enemy lines. And into a place so dark, that it is unwise for a Trovian to be in the darkness for too long, and forces them to embrace light before they are turned into another soldier in the Legion of The Everdark.