hey devs, and players looking at this post

i found a few things that are bit odd in the game.

1. the fragments that drop in the shadowtower. all bee like creatures are dropping honeybreeze fragments in shadowtower, but all spider like dont drop spinner fragments! either add spiderfragments to the spider or remove honeybreeze from the st bees.

2. the glim leaderboard. you can lootcollect shadowtower keys and digglsy for glim and they do count towards the leaderboards. it would be more fair if only glim earned trough picking it up from defeating enemies or like destroying gras in the adventure worlds. its so unfair that all high mastery players get like 100k glim and just lootcollect back their diggsly and keys after the rewards have been handed out! the solution to this is: make it unable to lootcollect the items back after reset, or dont let lootcollected items count towards the glim leaderboard.

this way new players also have a chance to get their hands on the expensive light chaos vaults.

video of proof of glim leaderboards, made by myself