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    Trove weekly Q & A thread - September 28

    Hey folks!

    Get your questions in for the dev team and we'll answer as many as possible on the show this Friday.


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    Will there be any way to upgrade our current stellar hats, faces and weapons to the new Crystal gear when it is released with U10?

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    Will we have to use "Crystals" from the Geode area to upgrade our new gear/weapons?

    Why is Yabaiki event such a mess, (Meaning why only 5 per event window than 5 per platform?) Because with more people on PC the chance of winning on PC is more greater than PS4/XB1.

    Will the new prime dragon be released along side with U10?

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    1. Are you gonna change the Repose of Heroes Fixture to be available at lower club level, so clubs with less people can have an access to better quests? Because now its impossible to level up club with small amount of people.

    2. Are you gonna send Yabaki codes to Creatros or this gonna be Trion Stream/Events only giveaway?

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    You said no new fixtures for U10. Does this mean we are wasting our time supporting this feature as this is now 4 updates with no new items to spend club clubits on.

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    Can tomb raiser and chloromancer be reworked together since they're both the worst classes atm and to speed up class revamps instead of one by one?

    can dino tamers net be set to also affect st bosses like daughter of the Moon and dread so the net also traps them and does damage over time? It'd make Dino tamer a lot more useful in Shadow towers.

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    WIll Lunar Soul purchased Empowered Gem Boxes or Stellar Empowered Gem Boxes drop the new gems when U10 is released?

    I might have missed it in the last couple of weeks but will the bug affecting racing challenge sight of rings be fixed soon?

    Any plans to let the thumper show ores as different colors based on what tier they are native to when it is fully upgraded?

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    When will you start revealing content from the U10 update?
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    Can you add for us "Companion Effigy" to store for idk 5k credits so we can finally get all rare companions from Geode? Egg hunts are not fun and too much boring and chance to get last rare ally from bronze egg is below zero.
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    For the Yabaiki event, will there be a list of winners? If there is one to be made will it also say which platform the winners will be on

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