Greeting fellow Trovians!

I am Mordielestok and I am a ten day old player, who made his way here from ArcheAge. Thought I would take a look at some at trions other games, to try and get a feel for them as a company. As with ArcheAge you kind of need to drop a few coke snorters if you want to play the game.

Well I never made it pass Trove, and was happy to find I could own my very own club word or 5, without spending a single strippers rent money. Unlike ArcheAge where at least one set of boobs will remain unenlarged should you even want to place an 8x8 farm.

And while enjoy the world and graphix of ArcheAge, Trove at least offers a reach around as well as some fun yet simple gameplay that I have come to appreciate after years of being a survival PVPer.

I am 38 and semi retired, I have no life and now wife as of 12 days ago..So cope with endless hours of Video games..well not endless I mean I do sleep like 4 hours a day. That said I am 10 days old, 210 hours in and absolutely love Trove.

I am looking for a few older/mature people who would maybe like to be friends and team up for ingame activities and the my ten year old daughter is more into waiting for me to give her allies she can rate the cuteness of..and while that is a sought after skill when running STs, I would like to give it a go with someone who doesn't cry when they can't see their little follower friends and think they died.

So this is my intro, and yeah if you want to know more you can fill in the blanks using your imagination...becuase i'm done writing now.