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Thread: Trove - Proposal of a Raid the Concept

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    Post Trove - Proposal of a Raid the Concept

    Hello everyone.

    I've started working on this concept a few months ago and got some people to help me in the early start, I set my focus as this to be something who could be added in game as new content and that work is done so now I will be sharing it here.

    I tried to get the file in here but it was too large and it was too much to write down.

    I would like to inform you that this file has to be in a link from my dropbox I cannot put it here in any form since it's too big and we can only update very small images.

    So if you want to read everything you will have to download the PDF.

    I hope that's not a problem.

    This file is in CMYK so the colours are a bit off.

    The file is 66 pages long but I think it should containt nearly if not everything properly explained, I left on the Index links so you can easly navigate through the file I know it can get messy with that many pages.

    If you have some questions let me know!!!

    Link of the PDF with everything:

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    This is so awesome, a 100% look from the devs, it is so well made, not only an idea, but a hole thing!

    I am Wahoo and support this!

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    Impressive indeed. +1 from me.
    My content:
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    +1 From me too
    IGN: _MisticZ_

    *Bored of dragons*

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    Looks cool +1

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    Netherlands, one hour driving from Amsterdam, the city of sins :D

    +1 from me too:

    This community project started up and shared by KillerT800 on a dedicated Discord Channel really got my attention. I think it is worth getting attention by Trove developers and other Trovians as well. Great job!

    Trove IGN: Sjosjo
    Twitch : Viewsome

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    Everything is very cool. Only in this game, the mechanics of combat and character skills will not be allowed to do so. It will be as boring as ST or ST v2
    First, you need to completely rework the mechanics of combat and all the skills of the characters and make them much more. This will not happen, as the developers mentioned the problem with the interface*.

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    I was asking about raid/strike like Destiny (for example) for the live today, we will see their answer

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    Thread refresh.

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    and Devs never replied. typical & pathetic. & was probably the reason they were laid off. as you are useless if you are not building a community, and supporting a community, and not laisoning with players. sad.

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