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Thread: Why was the bovine buildmaster nerfed?

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    Angry Why was the bovine buildmaster nerfed?

    I finally got him today, only to find out the way he lay down blocks is completely different from the video I saw someone playing it during beta before Geode was released on public server. In the video, blocks were being laid out under him, kind of like Ganda, but permanent in clubworld. However the one I have, he only lays 3 block wide trail down behind him , making him useless for trying to make roofs with because there has to be blocks under him to even start the block laying.

    What's the reasoning behind the nerf because the main reason I got him was for that specific reason. There's less control when laying blocks down the way the mechanic works.

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    Was it intended that Buildmaster mount doesn't place any scaffolding blocks or any other blocks above them?
    We will double check this but i believe it might be intended due to some previous tech issues and we will look into this.

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