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Thread: Livestream 14/09 - Re. Club Quests

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    Livestream 14/09 - Re. Club Quests

    Alright, so James called out my comment from Twitch chat that they could discuss and put a minimap on a "non priority list"and understand a minor amount of players wishes for a minimap in-game (seriously, pressing M is so hard?) but they couldn't wrap their heads around an increasing amount of players calling on club quests to be tweaked.

    Is this finally marking the start of the player base getting through to the development team that us, the most important aspect of Trove - the players, are breaking through that brick wall that we have been trying for so long?

    The dev team have been on hiatus for what seems like a month, no interaction, no nothing, while they boosted their frail egos showing off the "cool" things they are doing with the game, while us players are left with some throughly unenjoyable content they can't recognise.

    Trove is a community game, it's best played with friends to break the monotony of the grind, and yes, showing off club worlds that have been worked hard on by said friends and exploring is great, but FORCING us to ridiculously and continously bounce back and forth between a saved club world (where we will spawn at the npcs and see almost nothing more) and back to the grind world, is NOT enjoyable.

    Further more, there is no pay to win aspect for earning adventurine. You can't buy adventurine potions, and you can't buy sentience shards to craft the potions from the store, so the hard headed reason for not changing the system is absolutely gross - to make us go to, and explore club worlds. If I want to explore club worlds, I'll do it in my own sweet time when I want inspiration to build, not being forced because I'm searching for the elusive 15mf ganda quests.

    My personal agenda for pushing for this change is nothing apart from making this content fun. I have every mount, aura, ally, style and dragon available, my adventurine gets used to refresh quests, so I'm not looking for an easy way to get the dragons or what have you. I just want Trove to become FUN, like video games should be - enjoyable. Because I love this game to death, along with many others, but certain aspects just are not fun. This being one of the main, and core aspects that are not.

    Listening to us from time to time on issues like this wouldn't hurt, so hopefully this is a start.

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    This lack of club quest improvement when every single players wants it has more to it then you think.

    Let's talk about why they won't make a simple change.
    Easy change. Make everything x10 or x20 even x50... Let the player pick..
    X10 items needed x10 reward etc..
    That's the 10 minute change to at least improve it.

    Ask why not.
    1. They want clubs to die and stop being used.
    2. They want us all in one place
    3. 1 and 2 Wraps it up

    This BS that they want us to go look at clubs is stupid.
    By only having a few end game clubs the servers do not need to load everyone's own club world.
    Less clubs loading, less lag..

    Why don't they just say that and then work on making 2000 - 3000 club member clubs work.
    Multiple chats per club, top clubs get a dedicated server so 400 people in a club don't lag it out...
    Make clubs have a special portal to a pin pit etc.....

    They want us all together then make is being all together not laggy and give us items to make a proper club to suit 4000 members..

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    I used one of the hour potions during a pirrot farm. It lasted 1.5 hours which seems to suggest that 30 mins of the farming was pure loading screen. 30 mins of time completely wasted on waiting.

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    The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for gathering adventurine.
    Cacti are cool. Yeah.

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    Agree. It takes more to wait to joinw the club world rather than to make the quest itself. And what's the point in making people "interact with the club more" when we all just sitting in the club when don't farm. It's the main place for most of the players. Not the hub, but the club world. We spend lots of time in it even when we don't do any quests.

    So making the adventurine quests 10 times longer with 10 times more reward is really good idea. That will finally make the adv quests more enjoyable (which they are not for now cuz of the loading screens)
    Or why not to make them be auto-updatable? Like when u complete the quest it starts over again without need to join the club world until the NPC is alive or not asleep.

    I will highly appreciate if devs will do that. And I'm sure that everybody will. Most of the players don't have even 1 adv dragon which is really boring to craft (1 of them gives 500 PD which is really sweet, end game players who use PD classes will have to craft it in order to get max stats, but the dragon takes insane time to craft)
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    Quote Originally Posted by fruitie View Post
    I used one of the hour potions during a pirrot farm. It lasted 1.5 hours which seems to suggest that 30 mins of the farming was pure loading screen. 30 mins of time completely wasted on waiting.
    Yes. That is the worst. For an player that has a good connection while Trove servers run smoothly... It take an average of ~5sec with each loading screen.
    If you somehow manage to do all 220 Club quests you can do today, you will waste ~36min of your life waiting front a loading screen.

    (5sec to go to the club, and an other 5sec to go back to your farming world) 10sec x220 = 2200sec wasted. *2200sec is 36minutes

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    OK so heres the real question.

    why does trion want us to be going back and forth reloading.
    Does this do something that benefits them in a ranking of some kind that gets them more attention?
    There has to be reason they want all players loading back and forth all the time.

    What is it?

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    Yeah, at least speaking for myself, when I join a club world to pick up a quest I paste the /joinworld command, and the first thing I do if I don't spawn where the heroes/quest NPC fixture is is open the map and see where it is and fly there, if applicable.

    Then I teleport out, go to U9 whatever, /getworldid and then /joinworld ID to get the world ID in my command history, and then when I need to pick up a new quest I up arrow to the joinworld clubname command, pick up quest, and then up arrow to the joinworld world ID.

    At no point ever while I was doing this did I consider exploring the club worlds in question. The only time I'll be in said club worlds for longer than a few seconds (after positioning myself to where the desired quest NPC is) is when I am loot deconstructing and/or moving stuff from my personal chest.

    So please Trion, if you are not going to change how we can pick up club quests for grinding purposes then do something to drastically cut down on the load times when switching worlds. Get it down to under a second ideally. If that truly isn't possible technologically fine but something has to give and soon. Also, consider allowing users to bind keys to chat commands. So that, for example, I could set F5 to send /joinworld 294821 and F8 to /joinworld Club-With-Quest-I-Am-Grinding so I can more quickly TP back and forth.

    When grinding gem quests on gem day it often doesn't even take me a full minute to complete each gem quest. So I really would prefer to be able to specify a custom objective multiple - like 100. 5 is too small. So, if for example the player specifies 25, and the base quest is 5, the reward given is 5 times that of the base.

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