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Thread: [Ally Feature] Does your ally get in the way? HIDE IT!

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    Lightbulb [Ally Feature] Does your ally get in the way? HIDE IT!

    It just struck me that there's no actual way to hide your ally from showing.
    Just like you can select your hat or face to not show by using the "hide" option in styles, why is there no such option for ally's? Think about it, how often haven't you been building or adventured only to have your ally casually walk in front of you, hindering your field of view while being zoomed in?!

    This is especially noticeable while farming geode, where companions are larger than your character sometimes. More than often do they tend to get in your way as you mine ores and such! But also when building and you try to focus on something specific, only to get your ally to pop up and distract you. Just add a "hide" option for it in the menu for both ally's and geode companions, please.
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    This is a great idea. I’d love to hide my companion. It’s also annoying when you’re gliding and your little ally is constantly falling all over the place.

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    Your Ally should become transparent like when you look up, your character become more and more transparent has you look from under him.

    This should also be apply to your Companion, has closer he get to the camera, the more transparent he should be.

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    Agreed, your ally should simply disappear when you go into build mode. I would also like the ally/companion to fade out when close to the camera, but that may be harder to program.

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