Hello Trove devs,

Valve recently released a new tool called Steam Play / Proton, which lets you easily run Windows games on Linux directly from the Steam for Linux client.

Trove actually runs very well in Steam Play/Proton!

However, it requires tweaking to work. By default, Glyph throws an error that Windows Vista or higher is required, and it detects Wine as Windows XP, regardless of the Windows version setting in Winecfg. Trove runs great if you edit "steamapps/common/Trove/Library/GlyphLibrary.xml", change the minimum version to XP, and then prevent Trove from writing to this file by making it read-only.

So, here's my request for the devs:

* Make Glyph detect Wine, and if Glyph detects it's running in Wine, do two things:

1. Always allow games to launch regardless of what Windows version it detects.

2. Set the renderer to OpenGL instead of DirectX.

This should be fairly easy to do, with the upside of exposing Trove to a larger audience.

As for the implemenation, there are Wine-specific registry entries you can check for: