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Thread: LUX brings us garbage?

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    LUX brings us garbage?

    Echo Wave Cycle

    Oh just what I needed the rare merchant to bring, a mount that I can cheaply craft in the CCC.
    Oh and a aura in CCC to, wow...

    Lux was a great idea that has been turned into a running joke...
    If you guys don't care why should we.

    This lack of even trying is a slap in the face to us grinding that last bit of mastery and our great hope brings garbage...
    Sad part is your going to trick people in to using coins and boy are they going to be pissed to find out when they do that they could have just crafted these...

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    I'm more curious as to why does Luxion have the Verses of Violence aura for 100 DC (!), which can be still easily crafted in the Chaos crafter for 30k flux and some other resources Why does it cost so much, but is easier to craft via the Chaos Crafter? Is this some cheap trickery to make people spend DC?

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    I noticed this too. Very disappointing week for Luxion. He also just had that loot collector not too long ago and last week also sold one dispoiled divinity. So yeah itís all repeat stuff or already easy to get stuff this week. During the stream the developers didnít even rememeber he arrived today so they probably just had to quickly get his inventory together and this is the result.

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    They can't get something a simple as Lux right.
    Make a code of top items...
    Most wanted with Less needed.. Give things a value..
    Set dates to appear...
    If appeared in last 24 months don't appear...
    /26 random - appeared...

    I've said this before but trion needs to get a new team on trove.
    Do you the developers not understand how bad of a job you are doing with such a great game.
    You guys make excuses after excuses when you mess things up or just give bad content.

    Getting Lux loot correct is a very simple task.

    Simple coding no?

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