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Thread: Class suggestion: Kitty

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    You know you can edit a post to add more content to it. Just makes it easier to consolidate. @MightyKingHoly But that's besides the point.

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    Meh I could play as a kitty, and my daughter would love it. so why not. I think a lot of the younger crowd may enjoy something like this, it is a family game after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    I despise cats and have no desire to play one.

    Ah so you did not see a flaw in the gameplay or skills of that class, but it is about personal preferances of the appearance of this class suggestion.

    Can you leave the appearance aside and give feedback only based about those skills?

    Think about the appearance as something else you like and apply the skills I came up with.

    Quote Originally Posted by CDM135 View Post
    I personally like the idea. The "stalking" ability is quite unique, and seems like a fun mechanic. However, the right-click ability is essentially the CB's Candy Crash. Seeing as there would be objective opinions towards a cat-person type character, you could change it to a more neutral animal, like a bear (they're still adorable when sleeping). and instead of being an animal hominoid, like the lunar lancer, the model/animations could be a literal bear, on all fours. Styles would fit thematically, because circus bears are (usually) friendly and wear hat.
    Just my thoughts on it, it would be really cool to have another animal-based class in the game though.
    Stalking is nice, indeed :3

    Well, I did not think about Candy Barbarian. Actually I did totally forget that any class already had a jumping when inventing this. I was merely thinking about how a kitty would attack its prey.

    This beeing said, there are 2 differences between CB and Kitty:
    1. Enemies hit while Kitty is still mid-air and haven't landed yet will recive a partial damage, too. But remember, that you want to land at your main target for most damage because of the landing damage impact buff.

    2. While CB's ability can be just straight-forward spammed, Kitties ability gives some serious benefits if you Jyamp into the back of an enemy. This is a very key point of the class. So you want to position yourself into a right angel and use your whole skill setup for the deadliest attacks.

    Mods make (almost) everything possible

    Definitelly :3

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    Or it could be a normal trovian and design or ask a modder to design a cat costume maybe.
    Or could have Kitty implemented and have mods and/or costumes resembling other animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordielestok View Post
    Meh I could play as a kitty, and my daughter would love it. so why not. I think a lot of the younger crowd may enjoy something like this, it is a family game after all.

    Nyan! =^.^=

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    Yeah, I always wanted a Feline Class. For now, I have to stick to this.

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