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    Class suggestion: Kitty

    Trove already exists for so many years, but for some reason one thing never got implemented. Never added. Never cared. A bug? Just forgotten?

    You know what it is about:

    Kitties !!! =^.^=

    This is a suggestion for a Cat-resembling class, which focus is meely and pseudo-ranged DPS with a good chunk of stealth. Just think of it as a Catgirl, which stands on its back paws and attacks with its front paws.

    While coming up with this class, it was important for me to have something that deals damage on one side, but make it not too straight-forward into a dumb button-holding until the enemy dies. This class should evolve its highest potential if the player playing this class has a higher player skill and knows how to take the maximum out of this class.

    Kitties are using claws of course.

    Enough introduction, here are the Skills:

    Passive: Backpawing (word mix of backstabbing and paws):
    Each damage done by Kitty will be 4x higher (number debatable) if an enemy is damaged from behind. Additionally, only a trail of paw-footprints will be visible if Kitty is invisible (this refers to the 1-Button ability).

    Left click: Scratching Claws:
    Kitty uses its claws to scratch (and bite?) enemies in close range. Attacking would use differend hands... ahem... paws at one time to give more varity in its default attack pattern.

    Right click: Jyamp (Word mix Jump + Nyan):
    Kitty performs a jump forward damaging bypassed enemies. While landing, Kitty deals a small AoE impact which deals double (maybe higher multyplyer) damage.

    Note: Because of its extra damage, you would like to aim your jump distance so that your jump will end at your main target for most damage.

    1-Button: Stalking:
    After holding down this button for 1 second (this limitation is debatable), Kitty will become invisible for 4 seconds. Enemies with no other targets around will act as if everything just died and return to their default position - and effectively leaving their back wide open for Kitties to scratch at. While moving, Kitty will leave a trail of visible Paw-footprints (thanx to the passive ability).

    Invisibility will end early after Kitty performed an attack.
    This ability has a cool down of 10 seconds.

    2-Button, Ultimate: Those Active 5 Minutes:
    Each Cat owner knows that even the cutest sleepy kitty angel got that active time at a day when it is running havoc and runs around with more energy than you can handle. Kitties need extraordinary care during that time and in the next moment they are safe and sound sleeping anywhere again as if nothing ever happened. Usually aside or inside a huge mess they caused.

    Skill description:
    For 10 seconds, Kitty recives an immense buff in a wide range of stats:
    -Between each left-click attack, Kitty will add an additional strike
    -Base Damage is increased
    -Movement Speed is increased
    -Kitty recives a minor incoming damage reduction
    -All skills have reduced cool downs (does not affect this ability itself)
    -All skills are performed twice as fast
    -Health- and Energy regeneration are greatly increased

    It is an overpowered offensive ability, but it comes along with a huge drawback: At the moment when this active effect ends after 10 seconds, Kitty will fall asleep, unable to move or attack or use skills for 5 seconds.

    Class Gem: Adorable Little Sleeper:
    This class gem will add an additional effect to the ultimate. While Kitty is sleeping, nearby monsters will become charmed for 4 seconds by the sleeping Kitty after beeing 1 second in range. Charmed enemies are unable to attack, but are not limited in other actions - like moving. This effect does work as a taunt, so charmed monsters will cluster around the sleeping kitty yet unable to attack it.

    Note 1: It is possible that an enemy enters the range of charming effect after Kitty already slept for a few seconds. In this case, Kitty will wake up before that enemy loses its charming effect. In other words: Kitty can attack an enemy that does not fight back.

    Note 2: On the other side, enemies can be in charming range at the moment when Kitty falls alseep. Those enemies will stop beeing charmed at the same moment when Kitty wakes up. This does instantly leave Kitty with a cluster enemies around whose are ready to attack poor Kitty.

    Note 3: Note, that Only the Ultimate ability with class gem does has a taunting effect. Without class gem, no taunting does happen.

    Kitty can be played solo or in groups, though its best potential comes most likely in group play.

    Kitty uses Jyamp from range at enemies that turn their back to Kitty, and uses Stalking to prepare the next Jyamp. When skills are on cool down or if Kitty is low on energy, Kitty will either use normal attacks to get more hits done or... just runs around frantically. Using the Ultimate Ability will be the finishing move that kills the enemy. The Ultimate Ability is ideally just activated when it is garantueed that an enemy dies during its uptime, due to its harsh drawback.

    Group play:
    Playing in groups will swap the use rate of normal attacks and Stalking, since monsters will face a tank and Kitty does not need to force enemies to turn away via Stalking. Kitty can just scratch and slice the backs of careless foes who dare to look at the tank instead of Kitty. For more damage, Kitty will use Jyamp as often as possible due to its extra damage behaviour which is multiplicative to Kitty's passive Backpawing. Kittie's Ultimate needs to be carefully used if the Class Gem is epquipped. Either Jyamp out of range just before the active time ends, or have a tank that knows how to drag enemies away from sleeping Kitties. Strong Kitties can also safe lives to weaker friends around by charming enemies into uselessness - well, for 4 seconds at least.

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    No kitty lovers here?? O.o

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    No, just no... Others might like a silly kitty class though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    No, just no... Others might like a silly kitty class though.

    Please use constructive critique. What is your reason for saying 'no'?

    I actually put some serious efford in thinking about skill synergy and a balanced route for how this class could be played.

    What are your Pros and Cons?

    Please clearify.

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    I despise cats and have no desire to play one.

    Kudos to you for the thought and energy you put into the idea though.

    I'm not going to do a huge writeup as to why I hate cats as that's a bit personal and I won't critique your skill ideas.

    If you feel I don't have a right to express my opinion about a cat class please ask a mod to remove my post.

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    I personally like the idea. The "stalking" ability is quite unique, and seems like a fun mechanic. However, the right-click ability is essentially the CB's Candy Crash. Seeing as there would be objective opinions towards a cat-person type character, you could change it to a more neutral animal, like a bear (they're still adorable when sleeping). and instead of being an animal hominoid, like the lunar lancer, the model/animations could be a literal bear, on all fours. Styles would fit thematically, because circus bears are (usually) friendly and wear hat.
    Just my thoughts on it, it would be really cool to have another animal-based class in the game though.

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    Or it could be a normal trovian and design or ask a modder to design a cat costume maybe.

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    pretty nice idea and how attractive the game will be if it had a kitty class, its also good for a wolf class to be implemented using fist weaponry I also think the kitty weapon should be fist category.( u know for more logical since of claws/paws combat ) thou its a neat idea and very creative I hope in gets in the game also a wolfy class to go in. better yet it can be a demi human cat/ wolf implementation might be a very neat idea.

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    Mandros, he means an actual playstyle in combat and movements implemented of a kitty not just the look.

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    this is a fantastic idea very dependent on player skill I will definitely farm for this class when it gets in game. Hope a wolf class is implemented as well \. u did very good in clarifying key points and precision very efficient information about the class and the abilities very good indeed.

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