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Thread: [Dragon] Aftokratora, the Emperor of Shadow

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    [Dragon] Aftokratora, the Emperor of Shadow

    Born from the darkest of shadows. He is the future emperor of the Shadow Realm. Aftokratora had a troubled life. From his family being slaughtered by the fake emperor, to the abuse of power from the fake emperor. Once the final tick in his bomb of a temper hit zero, he killed the fake emperor and took all of the negative energies of the Shadow Realm. You summoned him, and you are worthy of getting his power.

    Replaces: Fortras, the Herald of Battle

    Hello, this is my first mod. Please expect some bugs or problems! Also please take your time on giving critique and feedbacks. Thanks!

    IGN : GimbIy
    My Club : Celestial Sky
    /Joinworld Celestial Sky

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    Please don't hesitate to critique me, it will make me a better modder for the rest of my life, and by that, I will be thankful.
    IGN : GimbIy
    My Club : Celestial Sky
    /Joinworld Celestial Sky

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    that very good for the first mod

    model of dragon unusual
    vfx perfect
    good lookin dragon,for my taste 4/5

    (cos just love some simiar but different(if there was no my taste 4.5/5))

    mb try add transparent to purple part of wings?

    Now theres no comment and activity in forums cosused by now developers on vacation and very few pps cheking forums.(pps busy at scholl too) better update this topic with new info lilbit later

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