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Could you look into adding some tracking for companions comforted?
Can you clarify for me what your specific request is? Just want to be sure we give you the kind of info you're looking for. Do you mean adding into your stats or leaderboards the number of critters comforted?
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4. When will the pruple name system be reworked?
Are you looking for the date on which any change of any sort will take place or are you asking about specific types of changes? If you want to see the system reworked, what do you want to see? Why would that be better, specifically?
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Popular has been out of order and Active has tons of fresh fish botting clubs. Persons in charge of those bot clubs must be getting annoyed as they're now boxing in the spawn point.
If you're seeing what you suspect are bots please be sure to report them to our support team along with any supporting evidence. Thanks!
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