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    Hello Trove devs,

    Valve recently released a new tool called Steam Play / Proton, which lets you easily run Windows games on Linux directly from the Steam for Linux client.

    Trove actually runs very well in Steam Play/Proton!

    However, it requires tweaking to work. By default, Glyph throws an error that Windows Vista or higher is required, and it detects Wine as Windows XP, regardless of the Windows version setting in Winecfg. Trove runs great if you edit "steamapps/common/Trove/Library/GlyphLibrary.xml", change the minimum version to XP, and then prevent Trove from writing to this file by making it read-only.

    So, here's my request for the devs:

    * Make Glyph detect Wine, and if Glyph detects it's running in Wine, do two things:

    1. Always allow games to launch regardless of what Windows version it detects.

    2. Set the renderer to OpenGL instead of DirectX.

    This should be fairly easy to do, with the upside of exposing Trove to a larger audience.

    As for the implemenation, there are Wine-specific registry entries you can check for:



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    Hello, I have a few questions:

    1.Can you make binding darkness more obtainable? End-game players are suffering to grind those up, I had an idea of making contained chaos spark a rare drop from farming dungeons, like 1 out of 500-750 dungeons.
    2.I would really like an another option of gaining gem leveling items from grinding, something like lustrous gem boxes, but they would be kinda rare, and they would drop a few lapiz bugs, or clovers.

    Those are my only questions, hope you have a wonderful day

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    in the patch notes for the QoL update the "fov" was supposed to stay once we set it. it still changes every world change. also we are supposed to get kill credit for when we damage a player and they die from falling or lava a few seconds later, i see no kill credit and the game reads that the player simply died.

    also on console for our quick wheel, can we please have all 8 slots custom? the 4 defaults are just wasted. since everything takes more time and longer to type on console we need more commands. 2 custom slots are dedicated to /joinworld so i can farm adventurine and the another slot is for FOV since that doesn't stick, which leaves me with only 1 real slot for something else. please consider changing this.

    another thing i would like to see added is a "golden thread" dedicated to club quest. i stream and i get so many players come in and ask "how do i get adventurine" or "how do i get clubits" . im happy to show them but i feel like since the club update was a big update and so many people have no idea what adventurine even is i feel like this is something that needs to be addressed. quest should feature how to set a primary club, what the benefits are of being in a club (i see alot of people with a vault world as a primary) how to do the /joinworld and /getworldid, doing certain # of CLUB quest (not geode or neon outpost) converting a small amount of adventurine to clubits (i suggest making 10 clubits) and donating the clubits.

    can double XP include XP for clubs as well? im 30 on every class and hate the double XP week cause have nothing to look forward to. double club XP would be very helpful. its already double XP for clubs on saturday so please make it included for the weekly bonus as well

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    1. Can you guys add a system to fill up tomes in Geode (maybe similar to how reliquaries fill)?

    2. Are you guys planning on nerfing Ice Sage in NORMAL pvp? Since the rework, he's been extremely powerful.

    3. Will U10 Geode have mobs with unique skeletons or reskins of trove mobs?

    4. Are you planning on changing flawless rewards now that it's possible to craft light chaos vaults?

    5. Are you planning on changing older motorcycle models to have actual spinning wheels? If not, I really think you should.

    6. I heard a rumor of the incoming damage stat being obtainable on gear and gems coming with u10. Is this true?


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    Can you guys please change how the current shadow tower works? i mean if you get invited to shadow tower you can't know where have you have been invited to.
    Also can we have an option to hide some styles? im seing styles that i dont plan to use and i will like to hide them so when we get new styles its easier to see what have recently gotten and decide if i want to mark them as favorite or not without the need of click every style that i dont have favorited to see if i like the style or not


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    Will we ever get mini map in game? It's pretty tedius having to open map everytime we finish a dungeon, we are opening the map more than 180 times per hour

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    The Mine Shapestone Ore club quest from Ambarine doesn't count with other players around me when I mine the ore.
    If you use this code: 7J363HEF2CP6NML9XY9Z to this link:
    you can get 1 free class coin in game if you're under mastery 20.

    May 18, 2016
    My first diamond dragon egg

    My current Mastery/Class Stats:

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    The weekly class leaderboards are still mainly dominated by players swapping gems, now with 4 classes to pick from instead of 3.

    Can't we have new class leaderboards for the weekly contests that are based on how much xp you earn on that class during the week? It would make the class leaderboard contests in to actual contests and not about spending 3 mins on a Sunday evening swapping your gems about in time for the weekly reset.

    By all means keep the PR based leaderboards for bragging rights etc, but keep those out of the contests.

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    1. Please explain rarity of rare Geode companions. As someone who has personally opened several hundred eggs without seeing one it's becoming frustrating.
    1a. Why do bronze eggs take 10 hours?
    1b. Why can't lodestars be used on silver eggs?
    1c. Why does using a lodestar on bronze eggs still have the possibility to return a common companions.

    2. When will the devs realize that club quests need tweaked? There has been several excellent ideas presented to the developers to let us actually play the game, please explain why the devs are so against this.

    3. Why do kill 10 cursed skull events spawn enemies in waves of 4?

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    Thanks for the questions, folks! We'll see you tomorrow!

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