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Thread: [Fanfiction] Trove: Atoll of Serenity

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    Post [Fanfiction] Trove: Atoll of Serenity

    You know, it seems i forgot to post my fanfiction that i made over to that website to here, so here is my first fic attempt to make a Trove X Kingdom Hearts fic. If you want, go check out through the Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1299110...erenity-Book-1 (I am working on Chapter 1, after a month long short hiatus to actually be brave and do Goofy and Donald for once-)

    Right now, this fic only have four characters of mine. I plan to add more of mine when i finish Book 1. Note, this fic of mine has several differences later on, mainly because the worst underwater world will be replaced with a underrated favorite of mine.

    Please, give me feedback on this fic, as it would really help me out a lot during the edge of writer's block or any unfortunate circumstances. To Trove devs, i urge you to read my fic and tell me what you think. It would be awesome to see your responses to this. ^^

    Till then, i'll let you read my fic as much as you want. Give it a rating of your choice, don't make it mean but still, be as polite as possible!

    I also accept fanart of the fic of mine, which i'll accept!
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    fanfiction.net is blocked in my country ;-;
    Would be nice if you also have one saved in google docs

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