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Thread: [Suggestion] Discord Rich Presence Integration

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Discord Rich Presence Integration

    Hello everyone, I had an idea about Discord and Trove.
    If you use Discord, you may know Rich Presence, which allows the game you're playing to show the status on Discord. For example, if you're playing on the first level, Discord will show you're playing this specific game on level 1.

    So, to get this to work with Trove, I had to come up with ideas.
    Firstly, I remembered the friends tab in game. It shows the Mastery and the world you're in. So that's from where I went, then I had to fill some spaces (don't mind the French Discord) :

    Name : Trove
    Details : Current Mastery Level
    State : Current world. Can be switched with Class/PR.
    Large Image : Trove Logo. Can be switched with class or with a picture of the world/biome.
    Small Image : Current class. Can be switched as the large image.

    Also, you can hover over the images and it will give you 2 more things :
    (Also hover on large image)

    We could go even further and put an invite/join button.

    All of this is a concept, the overall idea is just implementing Rich Presence. For developers ; Discord has a complete documentation on how Rich Presence works and how to implement it

    What do you think of this ? Do you have more ideas for information showing on the rich presence ? (I can try things with custom Rich Presence if you wish)

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    I wouldn't mind this feature on discord.

    Maybe that might be stalking since its telling where you are and what class you're playing. It might help though if the world for ST would tell what boss tower it is.

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    seems like a good idea

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    Une bonne idée (Je suis Québecois haha)

    A great idea!!
    Trove player since Sep 2015. Yes I came on Trove at this end of year, it had no gems before! Joined forums this 2018! Warning, some grammar mistakes can occur, I am French <3

    The Vanguardian class rocks! [Black Lodge Member]

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    earth ?
    if i remembered, trion dosen't have a single API.. soo i don't think they will ever add it :/ even tho it would HELP HUGLY

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