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Hey folks,Community forums are a great resource for us to communicate directly with players and to get feedback on upcoming changes or events. To simplify things across the board we're introducing a very simple, new set of forum standards and have eliminated the use of infractions, warnings and the like. It's always been easy for 95% of our forum users to post constructively and well, so we're taking things up a notch for those the folks who don't wish to do so.Trolling, non-constructive, insulting, rant or attack posts will be dealt with immediately with a 24-hour suspension.Beyond that, we're going to look over the posting history of those who continue to make posts that are aggressive, counter-productive, or toxic. If many of a user's posts made are generally designed to troll, attack, rage, rant or demean others (players or employees) we'll permanently ban the account from the forums.This does not, in any way, mean that posts have to agree with or support our development choices or issues we encounter. To clarify, let's look at two hypothetical posts:
  • "Anyone with a brain would know that class X is garbage and will always be garbage."
  • "I don't like the changes you're proposing for class X because it doesn't address the issue of damage output. What I think would work better is..."
The first hypothetical post doesn't provide the Dev team with any information that will help makes things better. It also doesn't encourage an open, civil discussion or debate within the community. The second hypothetical expresses a specific concern and goes on to provide an alternative course of action that can be shared with the game team.Be kind to one another. We are all sitting on a tiny rock, floating in space. We're all in this together. Refrain from insults, curb your anger, rein back your rants. In short: help us make improvements by giving us clear and productive feedback and you'll never have any problems with moderation. There are plenty of places on the internet to rant and attack people. Not in our house.~Your Trion Worlds Community Team
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