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Thread: Standing around chatting

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    Standing around chatting

    Seems as of late I've seen a lot more players just standing in my club hub talking.
    Asking these guys if they want to work on this or that on items I know they are working on. The response most of the time is, they need to do something but they are so sick of doing it they can't bring them self to bother anymore. It's to simple of a task to interest them.

    Example is people are 3/4 done geode are almost mad it's so boring and involves so much time in the caves doing the same task for weeks or the guys working on badges just gave up 1/2 way through them as they take to long again doing the same thing.

    Ok so let's go farm ST... Nah it's not Monday... Work on a dragon? Nah I have 20 dragons don't need 21....

    Myself I think I'm at 690 total mastery and have fallen in to this boat now myself. I need 5 more geode mastery but why.... I could farm flux to buy the last few mounts I need from the store but why...

    I come from playing WOW and FFO end game pretty hard and by no means am I comparing trove to WOW but I never found myself in WOW or FFO standing around talking not wanting to work on something.

    U10 is allready done and they are working on the last few things and trying to finish up this or that in hopes that it makes it for release.
    Here's where I think trove is failing, they come up simple tasks and make them repeatable and call that content.

    FFO farming is a extreme example but I'll use it, you have to get a certain soil,pot,seed,moon faze and tend to your plants with the right food, water and light to get a chance at a rare item.
    Trove farming has been so dumbed down its worthless and pointless.

    This is repeated in every trove skill from enchanting to ring crafting.

    It's so dumbed down we all have the same items. A 10kPR and a 26kpr person wear the same gear.

    What's my point...

    After u10 I would like to see a major overhaul in the professions.
    WOW had some amazing professions when I was playing. The hard core had recipes or items that very few had but all could get if they put the time and investment in.
    We all don't have to be equal.

    These professions give people things to work on if done right from both the maker and the customer point of view. Why not have super rare ores like the "rainbow ore" in a much larger table. Why not have professions that can yield some very rare items.

    Idk...first thoughts on this..

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    At least people are still in your club even if it’s just chatting. Most of my friends have all moved on to other games.

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    Trove is missing endgame content and even with U10 creeping closer to release that won’t satisfy most.
    Veteran players lack constructive things to sink their time into, time vs reward is horribly off post 20-25k PR.
    Give players meaningful content and they will enjoy playing, Copy and paste more horrible RNG into Trove and release updates
    That require the players to grind in a cave mindlessly for weeks on end to help needy hungry cold beggars then your player base will
    Continue to lack engagement.

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    I think they know u10 will sink the ship if it's bad content.

    If U10 does not souly focus on the end game guys they never will.
    The fact they are adding u8 and u9 to geode is my big red flag this is not what we have been asking for.

    New gems... Who cares have 9 allready
    New gem stats.. Who cares the ones I have now mostly are useless.
    New mounts... Who cares I have 1000
    New dragons.. Who cares I have 50
    New ally's.. Who cares I have 500
    New styles.. Who cares I have 10,000
    New ships... Why
    New mag riders.... What are these even for..

    Non of the above things are of any interest to me at all. They are forced content to be in the meta but not fun to get more of.

    U10 without some really hard team strategy instance style events is a total flop.

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    Pushing back U10 was a mistake. Trove on Xbox is dead right now, hardly anyone chatting in big clubs and yes, a lot of mid to end game players are bored.

    Geode was fine but why Devs WHY did you make it such a grind and add silly RNG+dupe mechanics to the companion eggs. Many simply can't be bothered with Geode and it doesn't help when the Devs dropped the bombshell that modules serve no purpose in U10. It made many feel it's pointless to work on them.

    I really hope the Devs have learned from Geode and that U10 delivers, because I'd hate to see this game fade away.

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    Dead..ps4 chat is crazy as people are bored.
    I am in a top club that focuses on active over pr so maybe the chatty Kathy's are all here lol.

    Geode I think was a rejected project released. I do feel it was fun for a week till you ran t5 for the 20th time...
    Geode died for me the first time I did a 8 person run.... how can you ever go solo again... I'll just buy the items I need from these 8 people teams.. they earned my flux...

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