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Thread: Dolly the CorgiCorn Giveaway!

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    Dolly the CorgiCorn Giveaway!

    KelariCuddles here! I have 3 Corgicorn aka Dolly pets to giveaway! Two will be given away via a Gleam contest and the third will be given away in a ACTION PACKED SCREENSHOT CONTEST on Twitter.

    Head over to https://twitter.com/KelariCuddles and send me a screenshot of you in Bomber Royale! Mid fight, mid bomb! Get you best screen shot of you blowing up something to smithereens or you getting blown to smithereens, either way this screen shot will be ACTION PACKED!

    The link below is the Gleam contest for you to enter as well.


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    The Winners are:


    your codes were sent via twitch

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