Anyone else lose their Radiant Butterfly mount? I traded 100 dragon coins to Luxion for the Radiant Butterfly mount and received it in my inventory, clicked on it, then pressed A on controller to "learn" the mount. Everything appeared to proceed normally. But when I went to try out the mount, I couldn't find it in my mounts inventory. It should be under the "event" tab. Double-checked under every tab, but no Radiant Butterfly to be found anywhere. So I lost 100 dragon coins and received no mount. I submitted a support request. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue. I play on all three platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it only happened on the Xbox. I got my Radiant Butterfly on PC & PS4 versions, just not on the Xbox One. Strange!

UPDATE: Problem solved. It was my dumb mistake. I had the "show favorites" tab ticked in my mounts inventory instead of the "hide uncollected." Radiant Butterfly was there all along. (Huge forehead slap - ouch!)