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Thread: Always Crashing

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    Always Crashing

    Some background: So, I have been playing Trove pretty much everyday for the past couple months. I have ran the game with little problems here and there. However, ever since the huge market crash and the servers being down, I've encountered more problems more often with simply logging in or even horrid lag I had never had before. The recent issue? Since the newest update with the event, it would take me several times to try to log in (as in load the game, have the news flash on my screen for half a second and crash), always having crash reports and whatnot. I changed my password, verified my account, the works. This worked temporarily, but today.

    Today has been a nightmare. Hours of fiddling with all the fixes that are recommended both by Trove and other users. Sometimes they worked, most of the time only for an hour at best. For example, I updated DirectX, I deleted my cache, I uninstalled and reinstalled, ran as administrator. Nothing had been working all day today. I really love this game and fully enjoy it, but nothing has been working and it is severely frustrating. Maybe, sometimes, for a small frame one of those solutions works, but not permanently. Is there anything else I can do? Is it the servers since the crash? I really am at a loss. Also, I downloaded the glyph client and always used Trove through that, uninstalling and reinstalling both. I'm now trying it through Steam to see if that helps. Edit: I've been running it through Steam, which worked for a day, but now I'm having the exact same issues no matter what I try.

    Edit: I ran it through Steam yesterday with little problem, but out of no where today, the exact same issue keeps happening no matter how much I use the above tactics to try to fix it.

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    I keep getting this too. This started roughly 3 days ago for me and usually resolved itself, however it gets more and more frequent to the point I can't play trove at all!

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    seems like a lot of players are experiencing crashes after the improvements updates. if you teleport you can crash and also if you type in the collections to search an item


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