So I found a bug that was rather frustrating the other day. Basically my clubit union disappeared and I was able place it down but it would remain invisible and unusable.

I spent an hour or two trying to diagnose the issue and here are my findings:

I realized that when I initially removed the clubit union from the club world I was standing next to it. Before it had a chance to completely destroy i used a portal to go to another side of the map. I was able to re-place the fixture on the other side of the map and it would successfully place and show the marker on the map that it was placed. However, it was invisible. I was able to remove the fixture via the club menu and re-place it several times all resulting in the fixture being invisible.

In order to fix the issue I went back to the location on the first side of the map where i initially removed it. I could still hear the fixture destroying itself at that location in some sort of sound bug loop as it would never stop. I removed the fixture again via club log and waited for about 5 minutes until the deconstruction sound stopped. I then went to the side of the map where I kept attempting to place it and was able to built it successfully.

To my knowledge one other club had this issue for over 24 hours and my steps helped them fix the issue. I hope it helps anyone reading this as well.