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Thread: Patron Bonuses Aren't working

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    Patron Bonuses Aren't working

    I can't recieve one Lustrous Gem box after a doing 100+ dungeons. I am on the Ps4 and I used a old 3 day patron from the leaderboard chest a week ago and used it on Gem day. I never got 1 Lustrous Gem box after playing for hours that day. I bought a patron couple days later. Ive been playing today and it wont give me one I think it is bugged and no matter how much I play ill never get one. My PlayStation ID is UndxrEstiimateD. Please help, Thank you.

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    You canít activate patron on Wednesdayís or you wonít get any lusty boxes. Itís a known bug they said they fixed but isnít actually fixed.

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