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Thread: What to do with xp beyond level 30 - Suggestion

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    What to do with xp beyond level 30 - Suggestion

    Hi folks,

    I typically browse the trove subreddit but wanted to come here comment on one experience of gameplay that I feel is lacking and give suggestions for features that can improve it. Sometime around when the Vanguardian came out I got him and my last 2 remaining classes all to level 30, and since then xp gains have meant absolutely nothing to me. Part of the reason I fell in love with trove in the Xbox beta was that I love the level grind. Nowadays, the mastery grind is slow and expensive and rewards the marketplace more than doing dungeons.

    I wanted to throw out some ideas that I hope trion would consider in the future for leveling beyond 30 and hope all of you would be interested and provide feedback too. I have thought of 3 ways to improve the xp system at 30 that won’t break the game and vastly improve gameplay experience for veteran players and make Saturday’s valuable again.

    1. After reaching level 30, the exp bar resets to zero again, and refills again as you level up the required experience from 1-30 again. The level remains and always will be 30, but it now functions like an xp karma bar. When the experience gained from 1-30 is achieved again, you receive a reward like a lustrous gem box for your efforts. The bar empties and repeats the process.

    2. The same as above, but other potential rewards may be a new shop that can buy exclusive items using points you receiving for filling this xp bar. Or even just make the reward radiant sovereigns.

    3. Allow leveling up beyond 30, and make levels 30+ reward zero stats, but potential class exclusive rewards. Leveling would become exponentially difficult, to ensure that the system lasts a very long time. Leveling up could provide small rewards such as builders focus, and then at milestones like 50 or 100 there could be class exclusive styles or costumes. A prestigious leve 100 costume might be a very worthwhile grind for some people for a high status and exclusive item like that.


    Edit: After reviewing the exp charts and seeing that level 1-30 is about 12 million experience; and comparing that with a player who completes all their tomes weekly who gets 2-4mil exp weekly, the amount needed for a reward in ideas 1 and 2 should probably be closer to the 3mil range

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    I would like to see a prestiging system for each class, no dps gain but like you said a new costume after say 3 prestige.

    also another thing if they don't want to do anything but have a virtual level system, you'll keep gaining levels but not gain any stats from it. I'll just be happy to see it go up lol I SOOOO want to see this happen! it'll add more to the end gamer who have nothing better to do an make u10+ even more worth wide.

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    Yes a prestige system would be great, when you prestige you get a badge next to your name

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    Quote Originally Posted by AoD D33pfri3d View Post
    Yes a prestige system would be great, when you prestige you get a badge next to your name
    Yep, this one seems good. Either a badge, or a renown costume when you hit a certain prestige level with the badge showing the prestige respectively. I'd like that haha!

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