So here, I made a hat called Shadowy Past and posted it into the TroveCreations subreddit. It got accepted not long after. So here's the issue, I've sent the trove creations email with the name of Gimbly and in-game name of "Digibattle11 (Going to change to Gimbly soon)". I've made a mistake there, I wasn't able to change my name due to financial problems and can't make microtransactions at the moment, but the team put it into the game and gave the credits to Gimbly (Again my mistake) and not credit my real account, Digibattle11. And after I realized that I can't make a name change at the moment, I've sent the email through the email that I use trion world account for corrections. But they didn't get the email and put the wrong one in anyways. I've already sent this to the support but I am wanting to know if this issue is fixable by the team, here are some proof: