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Thread: Pretty sure lustrous gem boxes still bugged

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    Pretty sure lustrous gem boxes still bugged

    I activated 1 day patron pass today for gem day. Have farmed well over 1000 gem boxes but have not received a single lustrous gem box. Ive tried water, air and fire worlds with no drops. Logged out for a while then came back to it and still no drops. I know people were having similar issues previously, but I thought that was fixed with the Trove - Geode Hotfix 2 - July 12, 2018. Under Additional Updates it says "Fixed an issue where players could not gain Lustrous Gem Boxes on a day they turned on Patron." However, that seems to be my issue still. Anybody else running into this same problem?

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    Farmed over 600 boxes today so far, 0 lustrous boxes and yes I activated patron today.

    Seems like it's bugged to me.
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    Safe to say it is still bugged. I'm a bit ashamed of how much I grinded yesterday. When I went to sleep I was second on the weekly dungeons completed and experience earned competitions. Didnt get any lustrous gem boxes, but got plenty of gem dust and enough cinnabar to last the winter.

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    Still bugged lustrous gem boxes for me also

    I was streaming last night while trying to farm the 6 lustrous gem boxes. I did not have patron so I went to the page and bought a 15 day pass. Then started farming for the boxes. After a 4.5 hour stream I have gotten ( 0 lustrous boxes, 480+ fire boxes, 450+ air boxes, 300+ water boxes, 200+ prime boxes, 50+ shadow cache, 38 + chaos chest, 3 golden chaos chest, 100+ of the adventure boxes ) Hitting F1 and looking at the Welcome screen I can not change where it says Fast Fortune. It is locked on that page for some reason. So as far as I can tell.... Yes it is still bugged for anyone that bought patron.


    As always Much Luv

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