Please make the club chest have more pages of slots (like 50 pages worth) and simultaneously give the club a permissions option where each rank will have a manually-entered number assigned to it (by the owner/moderator) that will allow a variable number (any positive whole number) to be input indicating the number of items allowed by that rank to be removed in a 24-hour period (or by date if the programming would be easier). The number would apply to all non-primal blocks. Primal blocks would remain restrictionless so the chest doesn't become bloated with worthless space-filling blocks. The officer chest probably doesn't need this option.

This will accomplish 3 things:

1. Cleaning out the club chest by a single person will not be possible unless a significantly high number is assigned by the club moderators for senior personnel.

2. Club members will be more willing to place items into the club chest.

3. More variety of items will be available to all club members.