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Thread: We need more info when trying to create items for mastery that we already have

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    Lightbulb We need more info when trying to create items for mastery that we already have

    Currently there are items that cannot be traded and once you craft them you cant craft them anymore which its good but there are items that you can craft as much as you want but you dont know if you have them unless you search them, i tried to craft some mounts but to be sure i don't have them i need to press "Y" and then write its name to find if i have it or not (not to mention that with the current bug where the game can crash when you search for an item is very tedious to search items one by one).

    It would be good to have more information about this like adding : "you already have this item" to all items that are tradeable.

    One of the tradable item that i already have but to know if i have i need to search it:

    One of the untradeable items that i already have and i can't craft it anymore:

    *One last thing, this item magic carpetapillar can be crafted but not traded and i got it from a chaos chest i think or maybe a trove of wonders but if i search that item on the market i can see it there and i cant put mine there =/*

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    With regards to the magic meownt, the old pemblocks/meownts/centaurs etc are still tradeable when crafted but yes i agree they could use a "you have collected this already" note on them.

    With regards to the magic carpetapillar, old chaos chest rotation items that were tradeable can still be found on the market.
    We used to have a new item in rotation and a 1 weekly tradeable. That was one of them.
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    Not sure why, but some time ago I noticed that Shadowy Market doesn't tell you anymore whether you have something in collection.

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    Geode costumes need this....
    A new add on to the game without this.

    1. In your collection
    2. In your collection (tradeable)
    3. Not in your collection
    4. Not in your collection (tradable)

    QOL 101.....

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    Though the items in this category ARE tradeable, I still find it annoying that Hearts of Darkness items in the Shadow Market don't tell you in the mouse overlay/description whether or not you've collected that item. I ended up buying a costume I already had a couple weeks back. I would prefer that all collectible items say whether or not you've collected them, also I would suggest a checkbox on vendor windows "Hide collected" like the marketplace, that hides any collectibles you already have unlocked.

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    It was already in QoL thread. A few players suggested it there, and even much time before. It was mostly planned as something for all benches, but mostly for the Chaos Crafter.

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    What is a QoL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuiKonan View Post
    What is a QoL?
    Quality of Life
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    I feel it should be done, ex. like the shadowy market items in there dont especify if u have them or not, atlast youll end up probably crafting somthing you already have and if its not tradable youll spam the craft button and since it wont work ull just post a mislead bug thread about it.

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