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Thread: Suggestion for a new game mode

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    Suggestion for a new game mode

    Hey guys, to start off the post I just want to say that you're welcome to give more ideas and concepts.

    I know bomber royale can get frustrating sometimes and gets quite repetitive, this way I'd like to introduce to you my concept: Fighting mode (1v1/2v2).

    Suggestion: PVP 1v1/2v2 Fighting mode

    The players were matched in an arena and were both restricted to 2 jumps and the shift key would be a defense key (like a shield) Or even a dodge with longer CD
    There would be no class gems in order to prevent classes like the shadow hunter from just shredding down anyone, or revenant from bashing everyone.

    More items could be introduced, strictly dedicated to pvp matches and you could add specific stats and up them.
    My idea would be that in specific gear you could roll exclusive stats like:

    ☺ Max health (raw)
    ☺ CH%
    ☺ Attack speed
    ☺ Spear/Staff/Sword/Bow Defence
    ☺ Health Regeneration
    ☺ Movement speed


    Physical Damage/ Magic damage
    ☺ Energy regen
    ☺ Attack speed
    ☺ Movement speed
    ☺ Critical Damage
    ☺ Critical hit %
    ☺ Poisoning Chance
    ☺ Stun chance%


    ☺ Max health
    ☺ CH%
    ☺ Spear/Bow/Sword/Staff Defence
    ☺ Movement speed
    ☺ Stability
    ☺ Poison defence

    PS: The items could only have 4 stats at a time

    This is just a concept, new ideas could be added and this can suffer further alterations in order to fit the game.

    My motivation for this concept was just that trove is a fun PvE game and the bomber royale mode gets very repetitive and boring, this way we could have more diversity since we could face new players every time we queue up for a match.
    Also to upgrade the idea, there could be some sort of leaderboard where the best fighters would be displayed and earn weekly rewards.

    Well, that's it, feel free to give suggestions and sorry if the post is not in the correct thread.

    Best regards,

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    As a fan of pvp in Trove i am actually in love with this idea as it allws people to matchmake easier and it allso allows for groups with lower numbers to still play together in teams while also getting rewards without the stress of having to get in the same pvp world.

    +1 to this idea.

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    While casually interested in pvp and as someone who used to do WoW Arena competitive matches a lot, the general idea sounds good, but it would end up suffering the same thing WoW did, and that Trove was struggling with in its previous version of pvp; Balance cant exist in a class based game unless completely different attacks are made for PVP... and even then, it has problems. Classes with AoE and Stun would immediately cripple any classes that don't. Entirely new classes of armor would have to be generated, and possibly disabled for crossplay between PvE play, making people have to have two different sets of gear. If they could do this Geode style it might work, but I don't feel like they actually have a team dedicated to managing PVP... and I kind of want them to stick to PvE content, really.

    What they've done with Geode proves they can do optional modes of play so an arena style game doesnt sound as impossible as it might have a year ago. The drawback being if they dont launch it with like 15 different play maps (instead of the three BR launched with), people are going to say the same thing, "This is boring and repetitive"

    My biggest concern with arena PVP is the initial burst of new players will be awesome, but in less than a month you are probably going to see PVP being really blatantly dominated by a few hardcore individuals, and the casuals will stop bothering to try competing if only the top 1% are getting rewards. You'd have to design a really good leader board ladder to filter the pro players apart from the starting players that didn't turn new people away from a new play more entirely after their first match.

    Overall, I think Trove could benefit long term with multiple modes of PVP to choose from rather than forcing people into one mode only, but I dont think they have a dedicated team to make it actually good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yushimiitsuu View Post
    I know bomber royale can get frustrating sometimes and gets quite repetitive

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