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    Back to School Sale & Second Stat Reroll Week

    Itís that time of year for heading back to school, so weíre commemorating the occasion with a week of sales you wonít want to miss plus another chance to reroll the second stat on your equipment!

    Save 50% on Greater Neon Caches and stock up on crafting resources used at the Resistor Workbench. In addition, youíll have a chance to unlock rare costumes, mounts, or allies.

    If youíve been waiting to try out the Vanguardian thereís no time like the present! For the first time ever you can save 25% off the Vanguardian Pack. This heroic pack is available for Credits on the Trove Store and grants you the following super-powered goodies:
    • The Vanguardian Class

    • Windtunnel flying effect

    • Paragon of the Past costume to add some old fashioned flair to your attacks

    • A Luminopolis terraformer

    • Neon City terraformer

    • Plus 10 Sentience Shards
    Summer may soon end, but you can still bring the heat with the powerful Vanguardian class!

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    When Is this coming ?

    When is this event coming ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by tukitaji View Post
    When is this event coming ??
    Read the post date and you already missed the event.
    If you use this code: 7J363HEF2CP6NML9XY9Z to this link: https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/co...m-voucher-flow
    you can get 1 free class coin in game if you're under mastery 20.

    May 18, 2016
    My first diamond dragon egg

    My current Mastery/Class Stats: https://trovesaurus.com/user=12004/stormyskull/classes

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