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Thread: Trove Livestream Notes 17/08/2018

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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 17/08/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Tonights stream gave us a nice big batch of questions and answers as there will be no stream for the next 2 Fridays due to holidays

    Reminder that Luxion is back in the hub and is offering a wider range of delights to browse over, including 15 of his souls to craft your own Luxion themed dragon mount, Luxarion.

    One of the upcoming events, on the 28th, Absolute DEVastation. You'll be able to earn your own dev dream box and unlock one of the random developer allies.
    These are boxes you usually would only gain as a giveaway prize.

    Questions and Answers Session:

    With the addition of spectator mode, can we have the same feature for shadow towers?
    We didn't create it with that in mind but that's something we can put on the list when we revisit shadow towers.

    Will the new primordial dragon use the current diamond dragon egg?

    Yes, it will follow the same setup as the others

    Will the new gem colour/type only be obtained in u10?
    Sort of,it will only be obtainable in the geode surface zones which start at U8.

    Can you make bomber royale count towards battle mastery?

    Its something we'll have to look into. It has its own set of rewards. We have seen a lot of feedback on this, we'll have to look into it.

    Will the new gear be forged or only obtained in u10?
    The new tier of gear is something you create, its not dropped from the creatures.

    What will the power required be for u10?
    15k but still evaluating it, subject to change.

    Will there be a level cap increase with the release of u10?

    New colour of gem, new item tier, more mastery to earn but no,not a level cap increase.

    Whats the plan for after u10?

    Lots of stuff, we have shadows eve and snowfest coming. U10 is looking like a winter release instead of a fall release. Shadows eve will have new ways to earn the rewards this time due to feedback.

    Is there any chance Luxion could sell us rare companions?

    Definitely a possibility in the future but not anytime soon?

    Will there be new mastery items with shadows eve?
    Yes there will be.

    Will we ever be able to play bomber royale in clubs?
    It make sense, we want it to be something that players continue to play in public and not just retreating to their clubs, but we'll put it on the roadmap

    Is the new gear in U10 gear seen as a significant upgrade compared to our stellar gear?
    We'll talk about that more in the future. New stats that will come with it , sort of like armour penetration, it will be a little different than a straight upgrade to stellar.

    Youve said in a previous stream that all the augment son existing gems wont go to waste with the new games, is that still the case?
    Yes, there is a new colour of gems coming, with additional gem slots for them.

    Will u10 be using any mechanics that were introduced during geodes first phase?
    No, U10 will be back to what you'd call core combat in trove. Companions and modules will remain in the cave exploration aspect of geode, separate.

    When can we expect to hear details about the tomb raiser rework?

    That will be out next year

    Will rings be included in this new gear tier?

    No but we may be revisiting ringcrafting in the near future.

    Will we see more biomes in biomes, just like how neon city with luminopolis? Also, will we see adjusted lair spawns for these mini biomes?Will these biome eventually have their own map tiles?

    Internally these are called sub-biomes, most biomes have sub biomes but not as obvious as Luminopolis. In the new geode surface zones there are sub biomes too. There's no plans for any map tiles because of how busy it makes things.

    Will the geode cave get more expansion or more depth or is it classed as complete content now?
    There will be expansions to the caves, absolutely and there will be at least 1 new companion with u10.

    Can we get more daily geode quest limits?

    We will pass it along and talk about it.

    Will we see more bomber royale powerups?
    There will be a new map and bomb skins but no new plans for powerups.

    When is the shadows eve event planned for?
    23rd October

    Will the resources in caves be on geode surface?
    Geodes surface will have a new set of resources. That's all were going to say right now.

    Are you aware of current ice sage and revenant exploits?
    Yes we are aware and working on a fix for it.

    Will bomber royale get a duo or squads version?
    Were looking into a duo version

    When is the next costume sale?
    Costume packs are coming back for a limited time, starting next week.
    If you mean the class sales, no short term plans to bring them back but will put them on the list

    Will there be a U10 shores of everdark?

    Not at this time.

    Will class gem keys currently obtained be able to unlock the new type of gem and be used in the U10 everdark if there is one?
    No U10 everdark and no answer on how the class key gems are going to interact with the new gems yet as well as the new gem passives. That will come in the future.

    Is all the economy cleanup work finished?

    the cleanup is almost complete, the restrictions to be lifted early next week.

    When will hearty party pack 2 release?

    Do you plan to add moderators to global chat,some of the chats can get a bit spicy?

    No plans.

    Will you make portals to the next floor in Shadow Tower generate after completing the Cursed Skull? This will prevent players from "skipping" the floors?

    Good feedback, we'll evaluate it, there are tech limitations to it.

    Will the new empowered gems with a new color drop from the old Empowered Gem Boxes?

    They will not drop from the old boxes.

    Can players get a chance to spawn up to 3-5 Shadow Tower Bosses, by making them 5-10% stronger each time?

    Right now we are focused on U10 but when we evaluate shadow towers again, we will look at it.

    Will you do any bug fixes or improvements?
    Ye, we just did the Improvements update and we will continue to do these fixes.

    Are there any more vanguardian costumes planned?
    Yes more will be coming

    Can we have a method added to farm gem booster boxes outside of spending cubits?
    No plans for that right now

    Any plans to change magic find?
    Is there something specific, what part are you wanting changed, would love to hear the feedback for this

    Does uber world level matter for the droprate of dragon fragments?
    For open world dragon fragments like Thallasion, Flakbeard, Dracocolatl, it does.
    For the other dragon fragments like, Iridescent, Floral, Preserver etc, it doesn't.

    The auto open and delete buttons for boxes are easy to mix up on consoles. Can this be changed?
    We will look into it.

    My friend wants to know if you’ll be able to make a dubstep dragon that is musical like Albairn with speakers in the wings? He says you can call it Wubbagon the undying stepper.

    Your friend is a person of fine taste

    Will the shadow tower bosses be buffed once U10 is released?

    We will revisit shadow towers in a future update, reason for not will be clarified more after U10.

    Will you be making shadow tower mounts from bosses drop more common?
    No plans for that, when we revisit shadow towers we can look at it.

    Will you be adding a new difficulty to shadow towers?
    Not right now

    When will starfire frags be dropped from shadow tower ultras again? Could we have a small amount of frags as compensation for the frags being coded out?
    There is some miscommunication here, the shores of the everdark mobs in the tower don't drop them. We mentioned last week we would look into also allowing them to drop the fragments as well.

    Can we get a fix for DND not working properly?

    Ye we'll look at it

    Do subscribers have an increased chance to win giveaways?
    Nope, they are around but thats it.

    Will the PTS be open today?
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    hello, could you also include the fanarts shown in the devstreams ? <3
    Praise the sunflower !

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    I hate how wishy washy they are on this.

    "Can we accept quests without having to go back to our clubs?"
    "No we want people going into clubs."

    "Can we we have these functionality items in our clubs?"
    "No we don't want people staying in their clubs."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shirokiri View Post
    When is the next costume sale?
    Costume packs are coming back for a limited time, starting next week.
    If you mean the class sales, no short term plans to bring them back but will put them on the list
    so.. where they [costume packs] at? Not sure why they'd bring back those packs first vs classes that have yet to have a sale.

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