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    Submission Thread Open!

    Hello, modders!

    It's that time again! We are opening up a submission thread for Chaos Chest prizes - and 3 dragons! If you have created a mount, ally, boat, sail, mag rider, dance pad, pair of wings or aura that you'd love to see in the game, please post it in this thread!

    These is no limit to how many mods you may submit, and older mods are always welcome. I do my best to visit every link but it's much easier if you include a picture or GIF of your mod in your post.

    The thread will close at 12 pm PST on September 4th, and I will post selections the next day. We are selecting 15 mods for the Chaos Chests and 3 dragons. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

    Mods selected to be in the game will be rewarded according to these guidelines:

    Thank you in advance to everyone who participates! We appreciate each and every single submission, and always have to make tough decisions on what we bring into the game. Please have fun over the next couple weeks and use this as an opportunity to meet and encourage your fellow modders!

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    Some Musical mounts I've been working on, on the links are more screenshots/gif :
    -=-=- Electric Guitar Board -=-=-

    Based on an electric guitar, obviously. There are some more details, visible on the screenshots on the link.

    -=-=- Trumpet Rocket -=-=-

    I even thought of musical notes VFX instead of the flames. The back is also animated, like the rocket's engine. Extra Gif

    -=-=- Stardust Dragon -=-=-

    Some of you may recognize it, it's the Stardust Dragon from Terraria. Yes, it's from another game, and I'm not sure if it can get in the game, so I'll try. I think he deserves this try.
    The base of the body is glowing, and there is a layer of glowing glass, which gives this "spectral" look.

    And finally,
    -=-=- Holovaen F-4 Mk. VI -=-=-

    I think this is the main piece of my submission post. Mainly because it's my favorite creation I've ever made into a mod. I even updated it multiple times after its release, 1 year ago. I tried to put in every feedback I got.
    Let's just talk about the name. Yeah, pretty unique. The "Holo" comes from "holographic" as I went for a holographic style on the wings (we'll come to that later). "vaen" comes from the nordic word "vaengr", meaning "wing". (So holographic wings ) The F-4 Mk.VI comes from the colors' hex codes (I don't exactly how I used 6 and 4, sorry ^^'). And the F-4 is like a fighter jet, as shown on the wings

    So, at start I was planning to make everything holographic. But I like the "plasma" look it has (the spikes and all). The wings however, I want to make them look holographic. I think to do it, the wings need VFX. I had 2 main ideas : Put some projectors on the wing's arm / Put projectors AND make the whole wings with VFX. I did a quick paintover of the second solution :

    [Direct Download Link for the Wingless version]

    -I don't think I'll upload any other mod as high scool starts on monday 27-

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    Before looking at my mods, please consider [once again,] possibly checking out the creations from these lovely people? :'D
    This time I won't overdo it, so I'll just highlight one of their creations as their name, I hope you see them as fit as I do! :DDD
    Technoshyft | Mew2ian| MagicMate [okay I know I said just one but Mate had way more to share! 1, 2, 3] | GadgetCat | Jusiv | Novuhz/Aino

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    ► Archieon, the Dreamer of Drakes

    ► Cosmoqir, Glimmer of the Void

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    Nothing new to post, nothing old good enough. Good luck to the rest of you.

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    Click images to go to their respective forum threads!


    Sir Sudsalot!


    Astralia, Guide of Shooting Stars

    Can't wait to see what everyone shows off, I'll be a little short on stuff this time because most of my stuff is costumes XD
    IGN: LippyLapras | Reddit: LippyLapras | Trove Creations Reddit

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