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    Dev Question Thread - August 17th 2018

    Since there is no topic yet.
    And it is Monday. (At lease I think it is)

    I figured I will ask the question. Or two.

    #1. When will we start seeing spoilers for U10?

    #2. Will the new "primordial" dragon use a diamond dragon egg?

    #3. Will the new gem color/type only be obtained in U10?

    #4. Will the new gear be forged or only obtained in U10?

    #5. What's the PR requirement for U10?

    #6. Will there be a level cap increase with the release of U10?

    #7. What's the plan after U10 for end of year?

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    Was just coming to post this, but happy for the help. Get your questions in, folks!

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    How long do you assume it will take to patch out the exploit that Ice Sage can onehit daughter of the moon in ultramode? Speedrunning and getting a purple name becomes impossible without abusing that which i dont want to do as it is against the ToS.

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    1. Is there any chance Luxion could sell us rare conpanions?

    2. The flying cannonbot mob in the neon city has been bugged causing it to never drop it's wall trophy for over 3 years. Can this please be fixed for the sake of collectors? Alternatively, maybe Lux could sell them?

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    1. Will we ever be able to play bomber royale in clubs? I would love the idea to be able to play bomber royale with club community's in their custom made maps or even just something like a private instance.

    2. Will U10 be using any mechanics that were introduced in Geode's first phase such as the companion and module system.
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    Can you please make Geode decor cheaper to craft?

    When can we expect to hear details about the TR rework?

    Will we be getting more (affordable) decor in the near future?

    Will rings be included in this new gear tier?

    Any idea what the new max pr is going to be after u10 hits?

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    1. I have a related question to Trove, but also a minor suggestion. Will U10 be as much more skill-based and unique than the other Uber tiers? If so, can it have unique enemies that won't be beaten by circling around and hitting them with your trusty weapon, instead it'll have their own unique strategy with very, very rewarding loot we haven't seen before? Oh, and make it fair and square, because grinding takes at least several decades of Trovian hard work to dispose one single batch of resources, right?

    2. Another question, but this time it's my own idea. After U10 releases, would you add in melee, magic, and ranged combos into classes? I am getting tired of using the same old basic attack, and would need the trovians to do some more training to do unique attacks.
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    Will we get more hotkeys, particularly for building? Having hotkey going 1-9 or 1-0 (or even 1 - =) would be nice, but current one is kinda lacking at least for music purpose (A B C D E F G + Instrument + mag rail + normal blocks = 10 hotkey slots)

    Will we ever get to unlock the currently uncraftable dungeon decorations ( )? Is there any plan for alphabet blocks (since it's not a bad thing to have, and there's other ways to do bad creations anyway even without it)? A simple A - Z plus 0-9 would be nice.

    Will we see more biomes in biomes, just like how neon city with luminopolis? Also, will we see adjusted lair spawns for these mini biomes (as far as i know, neon city recipe lairs are rarer now due to luminopolis)? Will these biome eventually have their own map tiles?

    Will geode cave get more expansion? Maybe more depth? Or is it considered a complete content now, and the only update will be small tweaks/bugfixes? Can we get more daily geode quest limit? (Not talking about next update, talking about in the future)

    Will we see more bomber royale power ups? Is there still no plans for bomber royale with battle exp? (even a simple +battle XP per kill is fine imo, no need for something sophisticated, just sad to see that battle level is stuck that way unless we club pvp)

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    Nice to see others helping devs given the unnecessarily of extra work with troubles.

    Would luxion be given new dragons to sell in the future? The idea of a traveling dragon salesman selling dragons sounds funny. Given trove of wonders has some dragons in it and luxion looks like flux why not have a set of dragons on it too.
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    How thorough are you with cleaning up duped items? a large part of the counterfeit flux that wasn't frozen has been converted into items that give mastery and consumed, will those collectibles also get removed?

    Is it safe to assume the new gem color and gear rarity will require different resources to upgrade, given how saturated things like bound brilliance and flux are after the lorekeeper mishap and dupe?

    Could you take a look at pirate captain's ultimate? being able to throw out 5 mortars at the same time through the use of flasks is quite unbalanced.
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