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Thread: Game crashes then starts spawning me in the void

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    Exclamation Game crashes then starts spawning me in the void

    I am on a mac. My game(and computer) recently crashed randomly while flying through Radiant Ruins. I restarted my computer to try to fix this, but when I logged back in I was spawned into the void. I am now stuck there. I am unable to do anything (not even teleport anywhere), except looking around. So basically the game is unplayable right now. My health is stuck at zero as well, but I can open menus.

    I hope this will be looked into. Thank you!

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    Can't even open your club ui?
    Open chat and do /tutorial You will be unstuck

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    You can journey to any active clubworld in your box should you wind up becoming dead through kill floor / void -- but you can also /tutorial to quick-escape to tutorial world, in which you can then go straight to hub.

    Default clubworld menu is "P".
    Interesting Output is the project -- Altermaven is the name. A cat-dragon wind whisper who runs Voxel Villages.
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