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    WTB Stellar hat prefer ph/ch/cd or as . pm offer

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    what is ph ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlameSama View Post
    WTB Stellar hat prefer ph/ch/cd or as . pm offer

    A stellar hat that can be traded will have MH (max health) as the first stat always and forever.

    Stat 2 is all you should be concerned about and not so much on that any more as we get 2nd stat re-roll pretty regularly now.

    Stat 3 you can re-roll with tentacles every day.

    Stat 4 you have to add by adding a pearl of wisdom and will be re-rolled any time you re-roll stat 3.

    You're main concern when buying stellar gear besides stat 2 is how many stars and pearls it has on it. Each star you have to add will cost you 9999 flux and pearls whatever the market cost is on the day you want to add them unless you have a stockpile.

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