I'm rather curious about a couple effects I've noticed on allies recently. If anybody else has some concrete answers for my questions, I'd love to hear them. ^_^


Starlight Dragonling / Golden Hoard Dragonling:
"Damaging enemies has a chance to blast them with fire."

In my very brief testing, it appeared to occasionally cause an extra hit with 2.5x the damage of my basic attack. This happens with my Boomeranger's basic bow attack and the boomerang skill. I also checked my Chloromancer's spinning flowers, which looked like it could also proc the effect.

However, it never procced once with my Boomer's chickens. I also noticed sometimes I'd get more than one extra hit when it did proc, or so it appeared.

So here's my questions:

1) Does anybody know the exact chance for this extra hit to happen? Seems to happen a decent amount of the time, I might estimate it to be around 10-20% but that's just my gut feeling.
2) Can the extra hit also proc another extra hit? Just want to make sure I'm not going crazy here. :P
3) Is there any particular reason this doesn't work for my Boomer's chickens, yet works for the Chloromancer's spinning flowers (maybe it's got to do with enemies only taking one hit from Chloro's spinners every 0.5 seconds, regardless of how many flowers there are on it)? Would it work for other classes' minions, or not?


Golden Vale Dragon Pup
"Has a chance to recover one flask charge when a nearby enemy dies."

4) Does anybody know the proc rate for this? Didn't really test it too much, but it seems like a pretty low chance, maybe around 3-5%? Probably won't see much use due to the core stats not being particularly great (5 Jump and 8% Health Regen), but I'm still curious.