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Thread: [Proposal] Loot sorting, but what about auto-looting?

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    First of all, for OP, this post (or at least the title) can confuse people, due to the fact that there's "loot collector" in the game, and some people call it "looting". Or might be just me, who knows.

    I agree with the post though, it's just another minor QoL thing that makes life easier.

    This is far from automation, and I don't understand why people equalize this with automation. This post is simply asking that we don't need to hold E to gather all dropped equipments, just like how we don't need to E for every items (materials, currencies, recipes, whatever) that drop. Would you call how materials go to your inventory automatically "automation"? Do you want to E everything, even primal blocks? If not, then why is somehow removing the need to hold E to gather equipments an automation?

    Argument that it makes multiclienting doesn't really make sense either. Other things are already automatically obtained, plus honestly alt account benefits more from material gathering than equipments (unless your alts have high MF somehow)

    Quote Originally Posted by Chronozilla View Post
    I dunno, i think i like the balance of just having the filter, you lose out on loot (flux) but get the potential to grind for longer, straight up auto looting would make grinding too trivial and too rewarding at the same time, and that's not even mentioning all the abuse such a feature could bring.
    are you sure you didn't misunderstand the post as auto loot-collecting? This post is asking about automatically obtaining the equips that drop (similar to how things like gem boxes go to your inventory automatically), not automatically loot-collecting things. I don't see how would this make grinding trivial, nor too rewarding, since it's simply removing the need to hold E everytime.

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    Personally, I'm all for this. It's not a big change or anything, but it would make grinding in Trove just one tiny bit less tedious.

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    auto this, auto that, i'm not for it, the loot filter is a nice addition, but looting myself is a thing that I dont want to let go.

    there is a difference between a QOL thing and a non issue, collecting loot yourself has been there for décades in videogames.

    too much automatism kills the fun and the core of a game IMO
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